Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What People Are Saying About Betsy Ross Linens

Here's what people are saying about Betsy Ross Linens:

Comments left on Betsy Ross Linens on Facebook
These are the BEST bags EVER! Very sturdy with many applications. They are the perfect size for carrying things you need quick access to when travelling, books, snacks, etc. Great for shopping too. I gave one of these bags to everyone I knew a couple years ago. Everyone should own one.
Kay, 10/2009

I have face cradle covers that Betsy made for me at least 10 years ago, and they are still going strong! washable, comfortable, reversible, and well fitted - everyone loves putting their face down on my massage table - thanks Betsy, your work is eternal!
Marci, CA - 1/11/2010

I received the makeup Bag today and it is beautiful! I've never had one so nice! And THANK YOU for the other little goodies you sent. That was so sweet of you! Now I need to clean out my makeup drawer so I don't get my pretty silk one dirty. THANK YOU! I love it!!
Toni, Los Angeles, CA - 8/2011

I received my package and I love the scented package toppers!!! My 11 year old niece, Chloe, already "tried" to lay claim to half of them ;) She is in FL but will be here in 2 weeks for a visit before they go to Germany for 2 years. Chloe said," I LOVE those things....can I have 1/2? I'll put them in all my drawers and all over my bedroom in Germany!" Haha! I'll give her a few ♥
Kathy, IL - 1/2012

I received my Betsy Ross double-throw yesterday and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for this beautiful blanket. It feels very plush and the fabric has a soft sheen to it. I knew it would be nice, but I had no idea just how much I'd would love it! I'm so happy with my purchase!
D.J., FL - 2/2014

Betsy Betsy Betsy Betsy . . . OMG . . . I just received the amazing market bag. I love it, I cherish it . . . it makes me ever so happy. I was happy before but I'm even happier now. Thank you so much. I'm honored to own it and I adore the fabric . . . I made a brilliant choice . . . and the wee legs underneath are a great touch as well. Your workmanship is amazing. Many rounds of applause from all who've seen it to date. Even though I waited a long time to succumb to the urge of buying some of your lovely work . . . this addition to my life is PERFECT! Much love and take care, Chris (an insanely happy customer)
Chris, TX - 2/27/2014

God my beautiful market euro bag today - Parisien style. LOVE IT! Fantastic quality. Just gorgeous. Thank you. ♥
Amy, NY-  2/2014

My Dearest Betsy: The market bag was a HUGE hit with my lady friend Hil. As I mentioned before (I think) she is a firefighter/EMT. She's not very girlie (except for amazing shoes). She loved it. She's made it into her swim gear bag and it's perfect for the task. She's happy and I'm ecstatic! Thanks again for the amazing work. So happy to own a piece of your art!
Chris, Texas - 3/4/2014

Love, love, love my new Betsy Ross Market Bag. Now no one will have a gorgeous, original bag like mine. It's so pretty I'll have to talk myself into using it instead of just displaying it. LOL Thank you, Betsy!

I went to the doctor today and used my beautiful Betsy Ross Original Market Bag to stow all my meds (just 1 prescription and about 20 supplements! LOL). The ladies oohed and ahhhed over it. :) Later they called me to the window and said, "Ms. Zemenick, thank you for remembering to bring your meds today, but we're going to have to keep your market bag here. We have a box under the desk that we will put your meds in." I guess my eyes got big and she laughed. She said that she and the other office lady were going to take joint custody of it. I'm sending them links to your sites tomorrow. :)
D.J., Pensacola, FL - 4/1/2014

Betsy! I've test driven my new market bag and it's a hit! The pockets all around are super!

I have used it for shopping and I don't need a purse, I just put my basics (wallet, keys, etc. in and off I go! I can't wait for my next vacation!

I've used my other market bags as a carry-on for years and years. Now, my Kindle will fit in a pocket, my chargers in another, and so on instead of all hanging out at the bottom of the bag.

What's best is, the center is left to house my purse. All I do is take it out for security and pop it back in to board the plane. For longer trips, I can use it as a "freebee" extra carry-on which nicely stows under the seat in front of me.
Rita, VA - 4/30/2014

Betsy my bags are amazing!! Jackie loved hers too!! Said she was gonna talk to you about more!! My armadillo bag had an accident at my sis' in water...I let completely dry and just reironed the bottom and it is perfect!! They are indestructible I have proof!! Thank you for my bags from the bottom of my heart in your time of incredible stress and wonder...you are much loved my girl 
Stephanie, Canada - 9/4/2014

Well constructed beautiful bags with a surprise inside-great gift!
Jayne, CA- 9/7/2014

The best bags in the world! I love mine ♥ want more
Tara, CA - 9/7/2014

Comments Left on the Blog:
"I simply love my Market Bag - the fabric is exquisite and the craftsmanship is truly fabulous! I have already received numerous compliments on the bag, and am so happy to have it!
Thank you for making such a quality product!"
Beetle 11/17/2007

"I used my hot/cold pack for the first time last night and can't say enough good things about it. It looks lovely, smells wonderful (I used heat) and - best of all - it really helped my neck, which has been a painful problem for years. Thank you so much!"
Julie 11/20/2007

"I received a wonderful treat in the mail from Betsy. Hot/cold packs for winning a contest and they are absolutely wonderful! Beautiful work on all and they work perfectly. Thank you so much Betsy for the outstanding work on these. I recommend them highly! You can see images of them at the links below."




Kathie Berry, 11/21/2007

"Sprocket - you never cease to amaze. Thank you so so so much for the lovely Lyryk gift. The blanket is extraordinary and the Christmas stocking is delicious! The tiny smell goods are wonderful and I am still in awe over the craftsmanship and quality of all your items. THe blanket is already proudly covering her bed and the stocking is ready for hanging over our fireplace this holiday. You need your own boutique so everyone can explore the rich and vibrant works of art you create with your sewing. Wow, again, wow. We'll be posting photos of the items with the Lyryk in them on my blog, I will keep you posted!

Thank you from the very bottom all the way to the top of my heart for your kind generosity... it means so very much to us."

Michelle Blaine, 11/21/2007

"I just received a goodie pkg from the wonderful Besty Ross! Let me tell you about these WONDERFUL hot/cold packs! They really are the very best I've ever used (and I've used A LOT of hot/cold packs over the years!) From now on, I will only use Betsy Ross's hot/cold packs. Not only are they very pretty to look at (great feeling fabrics and colorful... unlike the ugly green or dark blue terry cloth or mystery synthetic fabric ones you buy from the drug or department store) these packs feel absolutely soft and wonderful. They really hold the temperature for a good long period of time too. Oh! And did I mention? Again unlike the hard and uncomfortable packs you buy from the drug/department store, Betsy's hot/cold packs mold perfectly to your body; they're so soft! And they smell absolutely delightful! She adds the perfect mixture of wonderful scents that really soothe the body and soul. I suffer from chronic sinus issues and the scent (along with the heat) of these packs really help me breath easier. I just can't say enough positive things about them. I'm hooked - forever! I have the large hot/cold pack on my back as I'm typing this..and ahhhh...it feels so good and comforting. My friends and family are going to find these under their Christmas trees this year!"
Kitty M. 10/23/2008

"I just received these cute little stocking sachets in the mail from Betsy Ross linens, and I'm just thrilled. They are absolutely adorable and smell DELIGHTFUL! I will be purchasing more!! Thank you Betsy! These are too cute and will make great little stocking stuffers (and linen closet stuffers for ME!)"
Anonymous 10/23/2008

The doggie and kittie ornament/gift topper sets are adorable. The mixed selection is varied and useful for many purposes. All smell and look great!! Thanks, Betsy!"
Marilyn 11/10/2008

"Originally, I ordered the hot/cold packs from Betsy and when I received them, I had to place a second order! They are beautiful. I ordered them for Christmas presents for co-workers and now have ordered a second batch. I love the smell of them and they are very pretty and well made. I'm telling everyone about this website. Thanks Betsy!"
Ginger 11/17/2008

"I got three cats for a young cat lover. (sachets) She will love them. These are really BEAUTIFUL, much prettier than the pictures, and make great gifts. Thank you, Betsy!"
Christine 11/17/2008

"I received all your absolutely BEAUTIFUL sachets (Garden Cats Collection) and ornaments (Holiday Ornaments/Package Toppers Collection) and I just LOVE them!!!!!!! They are made with excellence and packed and presented so nicely - and they smell heavenly! I can't wait to add the ornaments to my Christmas gifts - as special wrapping decorations. I'm going to give the sachets to close friends and relatives, individually wrapped as special little gifts. Thanks so much!"
Lindsey 11/20/2008

"I have one of the beautiful rose throw blankets..I love it so much. It is warm, just the right size and cleans easily. It is my comfort blanket when I feel just a tad bit off or when I feel like a good cuddle with a book. Betsy Ross products are the very best. I have sachets and the hot/cold packs also. She uses the highest grade materials and her work is beautiful and precise."
Glenda 11/23/2008

"Okay I know I sound like a broken record, but I love my blankies. I am actually a teeny bit jealous of my husband's relationship with his green blankie that he affectionately calls "Olive". Seriously we each have our own and they are snuggly warm and comforting."
Anonymous 11/23/2008

"I am feeling a bit naughty, in that I received a Sprockey blankie as a gift. But what a gift to receive! One side is a rich, deep green - the other is a soft cream. The texture makes me want to keep rubbing it, like I'm some sort of OCD material loving weirdo. (even though I'll confess to being that!) I really love that blankie! Thanks, Betsy!"
Intrepid 11/23/2008

"My blankie is one of my favorite things! I use it all the time - think I need an intervention, lol!"
Anonymous 11/24/2008

"I was looking for some special christmas gifts and came upon Betsy Ross Linens. I ordered several Handkerchiefs for both men and women. They were beautifully embroidered and personalized with their names. Each person was very touched by the gift and loved them. Needless to say, I also had to have one for myself and I love it."
Tanya 11/26/2008

"I have purchased 8 sets of different (package) toppers from Betsy and they are fantastic.. The workmanship is awesome in detail and quality..I love these little guys..The price is a steal..so don't hesitate get some for your xmas gifts you can't go wrong."
Charr in Napa 11/29/2008

"I'm curious to know if you're still doing the hot/cold packs...I'm noticing most of this is from the end of 2008...are the sales still going on?..maybe I've missed some info somewhere here?...anywhoooo, I bought two of the packs from you, 3 yrs ago, or so, & LOVED them!... I'd like to order some more in the very near future :>) it's probably as simple as hitting the "buy/order" button, huh? lol! Anyway, I caught you on a radio show about the Spector sentencing & remembered the hot/cold packs I purchased in the past, lol...they really are great!"
Close 5/30/2009

"Handkerchiefs are a genteel standard that has been lost to the world of kleenex in a plastic package. I buy beautiful embroidered one's in antique malls and estate sales. They are the perfect thing to hand to a grieving loved one at a funeral. Several times I've been told that the handkerchief I gave them that day was kept as a cherished memento of the day. Yours are quite lovely."
Janet 09/09/2009

This bag was made for my little girl. I measured the chair and gave Betsy the measurements and she made this fabulous bag a perfect fit for a wheelchair she had only seen in pictures. It's gorgeous. It's nice and deep with inside pockets and one on the outside. And it's so pretty! I am very pleased with how it turned out. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Betsy. I've sent pics to your email. Hugs,"
Beth & Kayla 09/20/2009

"These patchwork blankets are beautiful. I received mine yesterday and it is exquisitely made, and very soft. You will love these."
Michelle 09/26/2009

"Take it from a person with a 20+year history of low back pain—Betsy's hot/cold pack is the best you can get!

The cold you get isn't as jarring, and the heat generated is gentle and won't burn your skin. The pack itself is mobile enough that you can actually lie on your back and not be uncomfortable in the least.

I am on my way to lying on the floor with one in place (having a bad back day) and I know I'll be as comfortable as I can be while my back is acting like a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. I also have a small wrist-sized one that I use as a cold pack when I am doing heavy-duty typing.

Consider these things an investment—and don't even think about buying the crappy ones that are at those mall kiosks! There IS a HUGE difference in quality, trust me!"
CaliGirl9 10/09/2009

"I just received my Fleece & Flannel blanket throw from Betsy Ross Linens and I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty, quality and expert workmanship! I ordered the 621 Country Scene flannel fabric pattern and the colors are even lovelier than the photo depicts. Mine has the extra wide border as well. Even here in Florida, we need a cozy throw to cuddle up with, and this one exceeds our expectations.

Betsy's work is just perfect and this will be the most soothing, comforting pleasure our family could have. We will use it over and over and over again for years to come. I highly recommend Betsy Ross Linens to anyone - for themselves or for the perfect gift for anyone on their list!"
Lindsey B. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 10/15/2009

"I purchased a Limited Edittion Market Bag in a wonderfully colorful Basketball print for my 14 year old daughter. When it came in, I wanted to keep it for myself. Not only was it wonderfully made with a magnetic snap closure, but it was made to last. My daughter used it for games and I used it whenever she was NOT using it. It is still in mint condition with all that use. I have many people ask me where I purchased such a clever and "One of a Kind" bag and I always tell them where they can go! Definitely more than worth the purchase price. Sprocket, you are truly a remarkable seamstress! Thank you!"
Anneliese 10/20/2009

"I just wanted to mention that I have a Betsy Hot/Cold pack that is the most wonderful thing ever. I used "Corn Bags" alot because the produce "moist heat" for my Fibromyalgia. When I got my Hot/Cold pack, I was sure it wouldn't work. It was BETTER. Not only is it not as bulky as a Corn Bag, but the heat is evenly distributed (Thanks to the ingenious design) and it SMELLS wonderful. I won't ever give mine up. As a matter of fact, I may need a new one soon!!!"
Thanks - Anneliese (NY) 10/20/2009

"I am so looking forward to the arrival of the blanket for my new great-nephew! It will be a keepsake that will follow him through childhood. I know that because I am never without my blanket! It's beautiful, comfy and warm on cold days.

I love everything you make:

My market bag has been my traveling companion for a couple of years now and holds up to all the stuff I put in it. It's actually taken the place of a carry-on for flights. I get so many compliments on it for it's beauty and the workmanship never lets me down."
Rita, Fredericksburg, VA 10/20/2009


Dana said...

There are no words to describe the joy I experienced when I opened my first Betsy Ross package yesterday! I ordered market bags for my customers and blankets for my critter-loving friends! They are beyond beautiful and Betsy's workmanship (workwomanship?) is magnificant! Adding to the pleasure were the beautiful ornament toppers she attached to each gift! And I could go on and on about the hot/cold packs. I used one last night and the wonderful smell of lavender enhanced the experience. Betsy Ross ROCKS!!! Rest assured, I will be ordering again and again and again!

ritanita said...

Today was a red-letter day for me! I found my box from Betsy Ross on my porch.

Inside, were the best of my Christmas presents for this year.

I ordered fleece/panne blankets for my best friend and her husband and my other best friend. The colors are so rich and intense and perfect. I ordered one with an extra layer of fleece for one person and I'm now determined to get one for myself. It's super-duper warm and cuddly. For now, I'm happy with my current blanket that I've had for nearly a year.

Next was a lovely market bag for my favorite nephew's wife. It's absolutely GORGEOUS and I really will have a hard time giving it away. The bag came with a complementary hot/cold pack that will be a joy for the recipient.

Finally, there were the sachets/ornaments/package toppers. They were a big hit last Christmas and I know that they will again be well received.

I've posted here before, but have forgotten to mention that I'm a great fan of Betsy's hot/cold packs. I have the large and mini packs and they are in constant use. I have fibromyalgia and have used hot packs for years, often spending a small fortune for them. No other hot pack has ever given me as much relief as Betsy's. I frequenly sit at my omputer with the large pack slung over my sore shoulder. The mini-packs are great for my hands and neck. It's an odd night when I don't fall asleep with one or more pack tucked in the right place.

Anonymous said...

I just received my first order from Betsy Ross Linens today! How exciting to open the wonderfully scented sachet/ornament/package toppers and the other items I had ordered. They are beautifully designed and made and the fabrics that were offered to choose from are clever and orginal - not the usual things you see in stores. I bought most of the sachets for gifts but was smart enough and selfish enough to order a few for myself as well. The gifts are going around the jars of home canned relish I made last summer for Christmas gifts. Mine are going right inside my dresser drawers! My kitty loves the scent and keeps rubbing against them! Soon she'll be scented too!


nancyandfrank said...

If you have four-legged babies, we highly recommend Betsy’s fabulous Kitty Mats! They’re soft & thick and the perfect size for chairs & other cat-nap spots (couches & beds) that collect a bunch of fur… and they’re washable :) ~ The kitty ornament sachets are really cool & smell heavenly, we have them sprinkled throughout our Christmas tree & love their unique look. Betsy’s beautiful custom-made original creations are fabulous!