Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Christmas Present

I am getting a brand new sewing machine for Christmas. It won't be "under the tree" so to speak on 12/25, but I did put a deposit on it about a week ago. I'm quite excited about it. The machine I am getting is the elna 7300 Pro Quilting Queen. Even though I'm not a quilter, this is the machine I'm getting.

I've never owned a new machine before, so this will be new experience for me. Every sewing machine I've ever owned has either been given to me used, or purchased used. When I had taken my Pfaff 1473 in for regular maintenance two weeks ago, I was asking him about getting a used back up machine or purchasing a second Pfaff for parts. He sat me down and told me that for the type of sewing I was doing, I really needed to get a new, more powerful machine. Besides, if/when the electronic board goes out on my Pfaff, that's it. I can't get a new one.

I didn't want to hear that of course, because who can just open up their wallet and put down two grand on a new machine? Not me. But what he did offer me was to make payments and when I was two weeks away from making the last payment to let him know and he would order the machine. And, if I put a down payment on it before 12/31, he would knock 15% off the price.

Back in 1994 I bought my first used Pfaff from him, an 1171 the same way. On a payment plan. It was quite old when I did buy it and it lasted me ten years. About three years ago I bought the 1473 and I really love it. I'm a "love the Pfaff brand" sewer, but this machine has some wonderful features that any hard core sewer would love to have. Most important to me is the fact that it has a more powerful motor in it than my Pfaff, which will help me tremendously in sewing the heavy upholstery fabrics as well as the glued/bonded fabrics.

Once I finally have my machine, I'll take a photo of it on my sewing table and put it up on the blog.

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