Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Christmas Present

I am getting a brand new sewing machine for Christmas. It won't be "under the tree" so to speak on 12/25, but I did put a deposit on it about a week ago. I'm quite excited about it. The machine I am getting is the elna 7300 Pro Quilting Queen. Even though I'm not a quilter, this is the machine I'm getting.

I've never owned a new machine before, so this will be new experience for me. Every sewing machine I've ever owned has either been given to me used, or purchased used. When I had taken my Pfaff 1473 in for regular maintenance two weeks ago, I was asking him about getting a used back up machine or purchasing a second Pfaff for parts. He sat me down and told me that for the type of sewing I was doing, I really needed to get a new, more powerful machine. Besides, if/when the electronic board goes out on my Pfaff, that's it. I can't get a new one.

I didn't want to hear that of course, because who can just open up their wallet and put down two grand on a new machine? Not me. But what he did offer me was to make payments and when I was two weeks away from making the last payment to let him know and he would order the machine. And, if I put a down payment on it before 12/31, he would knock 15% off the price.

Back in 1994 I bought my first used Pfaff from him, an 1171 the same way. On a payment plan. It was quite old when I did buy it and it lasted me ten years. About three years ago I bought the 1473 and I really love it. I'm a "love the Pfaff brand" sewer, but this machine has some wonderful features that any hard core sewer would love to have. Most important to me is the fact that it has a more powerful motor in it than my Pfaff, which will help me tremendously in sewing the heavy upholstery fabrics as well as the glued/bonded fabrics.

Once I finally have my machine, I'll take a photo of it on my sewing table and put it up on the blog.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Blanket Sale

Shop my Etsy Store for all blankets in inventory.

The baseball fleece and flannel blankie is still available, and I am putting one more stock blankie on sale too. Both blankies below are regularly $49.00 + shipping. On sale at $30.00 + $8.00 shipping. CA residents must add Los Angeles sales tax.

One of a kind Baseball Blankie

610 Cat Faces

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Table Linens

I make table linens. Napkins, placemats, table runners. Here are some examples of the table linens I've made for the store Gift Baskets, Etc., in Buffalo, Wyoming.

835 Deer Table Linens

815 Pots Table Linens

833 Moose Scenic Table Runner

For the holidays, I'm offering a limited edition of Christmas prints for table linens.

471 Christmas Kittens

472 Christmas Puppies

473 Christmas 1

2 Napkins & 2 Placemats: only $28.00.
4 Napkins: only $28.00.
4 Placemats: only $28.00
1 Table Runner: only $28.00

Shipping for each item 2.00. CA residents add sales tax.

These will be limited edition table linens, so only a small number of sets will be made. Email me at the blog if you are interested. When I get a free moment, I'll make a completed set of each and put up a photo.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Market Line Bag Madness ~ Almost Finished

Here are the Market Bags from a single order all ready to package up. There are still more to finish, but this is about two thirds of my big production.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Market Line Bag Madness III

The Market Line Bags are finally coming together. Here are some comparison photos to a paper grocery sack. Once you have one of these bags, you won't want to use anything else.

Fabric #437 Lemons

Fabric #315 Floral Hibiscus

Fabric #436 Apples Red & Yellow

Side View

Monday, November 19, 2007

Market Line Bag Madness II

Here are all those Market Line Bags turned right side out.

Fleece & Flannel Blankie Sale

Current inventory at my Etsy Store.  Easy, click-to-buy purchasing.

I've got four polar fleece and flannel throw blankies I'm putting on sale. There are only one each of these, no more available, and whom ever emails me first, gets first shot at purchase. The blankets regularly sell for $49.00 each + shipping and tax. The price of each blanket is now $30.00 + $8.00 shipping. California residents will be charged tax. These blankets are ready to ship. I take paypal payment only.

Dimensions: 42-43" wide x 59" long

This is a one of a kind Christmas Blanket with Snowmen playing. Update! SOLD!

This is a one of a kind Baseball blanket.

This is an HP Shields blanket. There were no more than five of these made. This flannel is a bit heavier than the others. Update: SOLD!

This is a HP Owls blanket. There were no more than five of these made. This flannel is a bit softer than the other HP flannel. Update: SOLD!

Email me at the blog if you are interested in any of these blankies.

The two HP Blankies have been sold.

Market Line Bag Madness

The next step in Market Line Bag Madness:

There are over 25 bags there. What I will be doing the rest of the day is sewing the bottom tuck into these bags. Once that's done, I'll turn them right side out and take another pic. Virtually all of these bags are sold already.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Market Line Production Continues

I'm actually making some progress with this big order of Market Line bags. Here are the bags that are all ready for their initial sew. In the second image on top of the chair, you can see some finished bags that are, I'm happy to announce, slated for an exclusive little shop in Hilton Head, SC.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Being Swamped With Sewing Orders

Ever since the trial ended, I have been swamped trying to catch up with orders that came in during the trial, and there have been some orders that I just had to say I couldn't meet, because they came in too late for me to meet the individual's shipment deadline. I am so busy with sewing!

I am currently in major "Market Line" production right now, trying to fill two big orders and a few little ones for Market Bags and Market Totes. If anyone is interested in ordering something from the Market Line, you need to email me asap, since I will be shutting down the initial stage of this production (bonding glue to the canvas bases) tomorrow night or Friday at the latest, and I won't be revisiting these bags again until February of next year.

After that, I will be in major Hot/Cold Pack production for about a week. Then I will be working on table linens such as napkins and placemats, and after that, sachets and ornaments. I'm hoping I can even get to making some Throw Blankets this year. Sigh.

So if you are interested in a Market Line bag or a Hot/Cold Pack, you need to let me know now, so I can set the materials aside for that particular item.

This is a "Mini-Market Purse, " in Cotton Fabric 323 Geese.

This is a "Market Bag" made with Cotton Fabric 301 Calligraphy Red.

This is a "Market Tote" made with Cotton Fabirc 309 Mountain Cranes Blue.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fabric Shopping Again

These are some new fabrics that I picked up. The trees on the end is a flannel for fleece and flannel blankies and the rest are cottons for the Market Line bags and Hot/Cold Packs.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flannel Collection & More Cottons

I've finally uploaded to my photobucket account images of all my stock flannel. You can find the link in my Places To Go, and below. I have enough flannel in each print to make one or more Polar Fleece and Flannel Throw Blankets. I still have lots more, where I have flannel stockings cut out and ready to make. Hopefully I'll get to those some time soon.

Here are the kitty stockings that I made....half finished. You can find these fabrics (except the "licensed" prints) in the Flannel album. I can't seem to find the photograph I took with the "cuffs" added.

I've also added a few more prints to the Cotton collection.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Flannel & A New Item Idea, based on an old one

I was up quite late last night, trying to photograph every flannel print where I have more than two yards in stock. I'm now organizing them with fabric numbers, and I should have that photobucket album up in a day or so. I just love flannel, and every year I try to buy as much as I can afford at Joann's annual flannel sale the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, the price was $.99 a yard from 6:00 am to 12 noon, and I hit three different store locations scoring some great stuff.

I use flannel to make the Christmas Stockings and the Polar Fleece and Flannel Throw Blankets and Baby Blankets. I've made some hot/cold packs out of flannel by special request, but it's not the ideal fabric for them. After awhile, the flannel starts to feel almost gummy.

My entire fabric stash at this point is quite extensive, and probably rivals Kim's (The Darwin Exception) continually expanding yarn collection. Tomorrow, I just might crawl up in the attic to photograph the crates and crates and crates of cotton, panne, flannel, tapestry, upholstery and Asian silks, just to give you an idea of how much I have. I only have a small fraction of the different prints I have photographed.

My client this morning suggested that I offer a much smaller Christmas Stocking for people who want a stocking for their pet. I thought that was a great idea, and I might just stop what I'm currently working on tomorrow, sketch out a pattern and make a few samples. What do you think? If you have pets, do you include them in the celebration by hanging a stocking for them and buying them presents?

I will also try to have a price list up for everything I make, since several people have been making inquiries, and the only prices online at this time are for a few items on the web site.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas Stockings

Last year, I gave everyone on my list a polar fleece & flannel Christmas stocking, using a flannel print of something that related to them, or something that they really loved. Kitty lovers got cat prints, dog lovers got doggies, children got a related children's print, sports lovers got their favorite sports, etc. Because of that massive flannel shopping last year, I now have more flannel than I can every use for the next several years. The attic is packed with flannel.

Below are the stockings that I made for the store, Gift Baskets, Etc., in Buffalo, Wyoming, where you can find my Western and Wilderness lines of Market Bags, blankets, table linens and sachets. I still have some of the flannel prints below in stock.

I know I took some pics of the kitty prints, but I can't seem to find it right now. I have a print where the stockings are half finished, (without the cuffs), and if I can't find the finished one, I just might put that one up anyway.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Blanket Throws

What is the best way to photograph a blanket? It's still a puzzle to me because you want to capture size in relation to other objects, and show the features of both sides. Here is a Baby Throw made from white polar fleece and varying print flannel and chenille flannel squares. I put it on my massage table, which is six feet long and 31" wide. The size of the blanket is approximately 58" x 43."

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wheelchair Bags

About ten years ago, a very dear friend of mine developed transverse myelitis resulting in her being wheelchair bound. Ever since then I've made her a custom made wheelchair bag every Christmas. Here are some wheelchair bags I made one year for the annual WYNGS fund raiser, where my friend sits on the board of directors.

This is a medium weight tapestry wheelchair bag with external water bottle carrier. It's formally lined in a light weight nylon with two inner pockets. Hook & Loop Velcro® closure at the top, and adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro® straps on the top side edges.

This bag has a base of heavy upholstery velvet with an external overlaid pocket made out of Asian Silk. It's formally lined in a light weight nylon with two inner pockets. Hook & Loop Velcro® closure at the top, and adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro® straps on the top side edges.

This is a medium weight tapestry wheelchair bag. It's formally lined in a light weight nylon with two inner pockets. Hook & Loop Velcro® closure at the top, and adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro® straps on the top side edges.

Here is another bag made with a base of heavy upholstery velvet and an external overlaid pocket made out of Asian Silk. It's formally lined in a light weight nylon with two inner pockets. Hook & Loop Velcro® closure at the top, and adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro® straps on the top side edges.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Working with imported Asian Silks

I've been making cosmetic bags for quite a few years now, using various materials. What I've found to be the easiest to work with are the Asian silk-rayon blends, imported from China. The inside of the bag is lined in vinyl and the zipper has a tassel pull. These are just a sampling of the Asian prints available.

Below is the small size Signature Line handbag made out of an Asian silk. These handbags are fully lined with a firm bottom, one or two zippered pockets with tassel pulls, and a magnetic snap closure. Straps are long enough to put the bag over your shoulder.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Betsy Ross Linens: What's it all about

I started this blog to share with everyone images of things I've made and new creations.

Below are two Market Totes from the Market Line. These bags are made from heavy canvas hand bonded to a cotton print. They are formally lined in a lightweight canvas or cotton with inside pockets. Hip length straps, firm bottom and magnetic snap closure.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


MARKET LINE - (Updated 3/16/17)
Fabrics: Cotton, drapery or light-weight tapestry bonded to heavy duck canvas.
Features: Vary by type of bag.


Market Tote, Market Bag, Market Bag Euro

Market Bag Basic - (no liner) DISCONTINUED
11.5" Wide, 7" Deep, 14" High
There are still one or two left in stock.

Market Bag: $63.00 & UP
11.5" Wide, 7" Deep, 14" High
Features: Short, 16" matching fabric straps, metal feet, magnetic snap closure and a quality polyester or with three slip pockets along the back side of the bag.

Market Euro: $63.00 & UP
15.5" Wide, 6" Deep, 12" High
Features: Short, (16") or over the shoulder (28") matching fabric straps, metal feet, magnetic snap closure and a quality polyester liner with three slip pockets along the back side of the bag.

Market Euro Tall: $72:00 & UP
16.5" Wide, 6" Deep 14.5" High
Features: Hip lenth (34") matching fabric straps, metal feet, magnetic snap closure and a quality polyester liner with three slip pockets along the back side of the bag.

Market Purse: $58.00 & Up
Market Purses are Special Order
14" Wide, 5" Deep, 11" High
Features:  Features: Short, (16") or over the shoulder (28") matching fabric straps, metal feet, magnetic snap closure and a quality polyester liner with three slip pockets along the back side of the bag.

Market Bag Line Special Add-ons:
Xtra Slip Pockets: $5.50

Fabrics: Tapestry, Asian Silk & Upholstery Chenille
Features: Formal rayon/nylon liner, slip pockets, metal feet, magnetic snap closure, over the shoulder length straps.
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Prices start at $82.00 & up

Medium-size Asian Silk Handbags

Fabrics: Tapestry & Upholstery Chenille
Features: Formal rayon/nylon liner, zippered pockets with ribbon pulls, metal feet, magnetic snap closure, long straps (34") for a hip length bag.
Standard size and custom sizes. Prices start at $125.00 & up

Chenille Totes

Fabric: Polar Fleece & Panne Velvet, or Polar Fleece & Flannel

Baby Receiving Blankets (approx 28"x35") $27.00
New! Flannel Patchwork Baby Throws (approx 41-42" x59") $75.00 and up

Panne Throw Blankets (approx 45"x59") $45.00
Flannel Throw Blankets (approx 39"-41"x59") $49.00
Double-Wide Panne Throw Blankets (approx 59"x90") $90.00
Special Sizes: E-mail for price quote.

Double Fleece Throws: Add $10.00
Double-Wide Double Fleece: Add $20.00
Fleece Borders on Flannel: Add $12.00

Fleece & Panne Throw Blankets

Flannel Print with Fleece Trim

Fabric: cotton & catnip 3 for $10.00
Prints: Java cat; Calico Cats Pink; Calico Cats Blue; Meow Yarn Fish



Three layers of Polar Fleece & one layer of Flannel or
Three layers of Polar Fleece
Kitty Size: (approx 16"x19") $19.95
Doggie Size: ($23.75 & up) E-mail your size needs for price quote.

Kitty Mat Bed

Fabric: 100% Cotton prints
Features: Made with rice, flaxseed, lavender and peppermint.
Custom sizes and scent free available on request.

Jumbo Shoulder Pack 20"x24" 4lbs 2 oz $49.50
Shoulder Pack 12" x 24" 2lbs 1o oz $41.50
Standard Pack: 8" x 24" 1 lb 12 oz $27.00 - ON SALE! $18.00
Mini Pack: 4" x 12" 7 oz  $8.00

Standard Pack; Mini Pack

Fabrics: Polar Fleece & Flannel or Polar Fleece & Panne
All in-stock stockings are on clearance for $8.00 each.

Christmas Stockings

Fabrics: Asian Silks & Lightweight Tapestries
Features: Vinyl lined with zippered tops & ribbon pulls
All sizes are approximate.
Large: 7" x 9" $15.00
Medium: 6" x 8" $13.00
Small: 5" x 7" $11.00
Coin Case: 3" x 4": $5.00

Fabrics: Cotton or Flannel Prints
Features: Lavender, Peppermint & polyfiber fill:$2:00 & UP

100% Cotton Prints
Features: Lavender and Peppermint: $3.00 and up

Fabrics: White or Off White Linen
12" Square Handkerchief with monogramming: $15.00
15" Square Handkerchief with monogramming: $18.00

Market Bag Line Fabrics: $45.00 & up
Features: Outside pockets, overlay pockets, water bottle carriers $10.00& up, each addition.


When I became a bodyworker over 25 years ago, custom linens were very expensive and I thought I could make them myself. I was given a sewing machine as a gift and a set of massage table sheets was the very first thing I made. When I designed a special cover for the face cradle and started marketing them, Betsy Ross Linens was born.

I still make custom flannel sheets for massage tables, although there are companies that makes them very affordable now. I make my table linens with beautiful eyelet trims in colors you won't find in online stores that cater to the bodywork industry. My face rest covers are reversible They are two layers of flannel thick, with a layer of fleece in-between the flannel.

E-mail me what your are looking for in sheets, your table dimensions, face cradle brand, knee roll size or other items that need covers and I will quote you a price.