Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Being Swamped With Sewing Orders

Ever since the trial ended, I have been swamped trying to catch up with orders that came in during the trial, and there have been some orders that I just had to say I couldn't meet, because they came in too late for me to meet the individual's shipment deadline. I am so busy with sewing!

I am currently in major "Market Line" production right now, trying to fill two big orders and a few little ones for Market Bags and Market Totes. If anyone is interested in ordering something from the Market Line, you need to email me asap, since I will be shutting down the initial stage of this production (bonding glue to the canvas bases) tomorrow night or Friday at the latest, and I won't be revisiting these bags again until February of next year.

After that, I will be in major Hot/Cold Pack production for about a week. Then I will be working on table linens such as napkins and placemats, and after that, sachets and ornaments. I'm hoping I can even get to making some Throw Blankets this year. Sigh.

So if you are interested in a Market Line bag or a Hot/Cold Pack, you need to let me know now, so I can set the materials aside for that particular item.

This is a "Mini-Market Purse, " in Cotton Fabric 323 Geese.

This is a "Market Bag" made with Cotton Fabric 301 Calligraphy Red.

This is a "Market Tote" made with Cotton Fabirc 309 Mountain Cranes Blue.

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