Monday, February 24, 2014

Market Bag Madness 2014 - The New Market Line Bags in Tapestry Fabrics

Introducing some new bags in the Market Line: Market Bag Tapestry & Market Euro Tapestry.

 Market Line bags at my Etsy Store.

These bags are made with heavier weight drapery prints than the standard cotton prints. They come with metal feet, magnetic snap closures and nylon liners. Price varies depending on the fabric. You can see all the current tapestry prints HERE.

Market Line Tapestry Bags

Flora Surprise Gold
Only one other bag was made in this print.
This bag is ready to ship.

152 India
Enough fabric for one more bag in this print.
This bag is ready to ship.

One-of-a-kind bag, ready to ship.

Intricate Paisley Black
This particular bag has a slight 1.5" pressing flaw on
the front bottom right of the bag. It is not noticeable.
It will be discounted to account for the flaw.
One more in perfect condition is almost finished.

154 Paris Postcard
Some of these photos, the lighting did not come out right.
Both of these bags are ready to ship.
 This image most accurately reflects the color of the print.

155 Paris Text
I have a Market Bag Tapestry in this print also. 
There is enough fabric for 2 more bags.
This bag sold but another can be ordered.

Market Line, Market Bag Euro
Here is a new, limited edition cotton print. It has a scarlet nylon liner, metal feet and magnetic snap closure.

976 Scroll Black & Ivory
Enough fabric for one more bag in this print. This bag is ready to ship.

New Fabrics III

Shop Market Line Bags at my Etsy Store.

Fabric shopping in downtown Los Angeles Sunday for more drapery fabric and nylon liner fabric. I purchased two new drapery prints and got more fabric in one I've already been working with.

You can find all my drapery/tapestry prints on the Betsy Ross Linens Tapestry Drapery Chenille page. I will be posting photos of the first set of finished tapestry bags in the next few days.

153 Paris Eiffel Tower Onyx

I already had this print in navy. I was thinking of getting it in red but I've gotten such positive feedback on the black and white bags that I decided on the onyx.

154 Paris Postcard

I've made two bags out of this fabric that are ready to ship. There is one Market Bag Tapestry and one Market Bag Euro that are ready to purchase.

155 Paris Text

I've made two bags out of this print and purchased enough fabric to make two more. I finished and sold one Market Euro Tapestry bag and have one Market Bag Tapestry that's almost finished.

156 Flight Routes

I have enough fabric to make two bags in this fabric.

All the black and white or ivory prints come with scarlet nylon liners, matching fabric straps and metal feet.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Fabrics II

975 Classical Music
Cotton- Enough fabric for two Market Line Bags

Shop Market Line Bags at my Etsy Store.

I've been working on photographing new cotton prints and tapestry and upholstery prints I've dug out of my attic. The cotton prints were easy but the tapestry and upholstery prints were difficult to get the lighting just right.


 921 Batik Tie Dye
Enough fabric for one Market Line Bag

 922 Batik Twig
Enough fabric for one Market Line Bag

 934 Peacock Swirl
Enough fabric for one Market Line Bag

935 Peacock Feathers
Enough fabric for two Market Line Bags

 976 Scroll Black & Ivory
Enough fabric for one Market Line Bag

977 Sea Turtles
Enough Fabric for one Market Line Bag


I will be adding more prints when I find the time to get more fabrics out of the attic and photograph them. Sample swatches are available if you are serious about getting a custom bag made.

104 Green Floral Chenille
This fabric is actually much darker than how it appears in the photo. It's a medium weight chenille perfect for handbags or totes. I have not tried to use it in the Market Line.

121 Red Calligraphy Tapestry
This is a rich medium weight fabric that has a bit of a sheen to it. I've made several tapestry totes out of this fabric. It was my favorite bag for many years.

122 Dragonfly on Lime Tapestry
This is a very soft, medium weight woven tapestry. The colors did not come out quite right in this photo. Years ago, I made small square bags with cord straps out of this same print in red.

123 Butterfly on Violet Tapestry
This is a lightweight tapestry with a bit of sheen to it. I've made tapestry cosmetic bags out of this fabric. This fabric might work in the Market Line, but it hasn't been tried yet.

124 Butterfly on Green Tapestry
This is the same fabric as 123 but in a different color. The green is actually a much deeper, richer green, but I could not get it to photograph right. I've made cosmetic bags out of this fabric.

124 Insects on Gold Tapestry
This is a lightweight fabric with a tight weave. The gold appears much richer than it does in this photo. I've made two handbags out of this fabric. It might be an ideal fabric for the Market Line, but it hasn't been tried yet.

125 Shou Gold on Red Tapestry
This is a medium weight tapestry. The shou symbol means longevity. I made my padded headboard out of this fabric, as well as several handbags. It might work with the Market Line. I also have this  same print in navy and purple.

130 Imitation Suede Branch Tapestry
This is a wonderful medium weight tapestry fabric. I've make tapestry handbags and cosmetic bags out of this fabric. I may attempt to try this fabric with the Market Line but it may be too heavy.

152 Paris Navy on Ivory Drapery
This is a lightweight drapery fabric and will be perfect for the Market Line Bags. There are two other prints in this series that have already been made into Market Bags.

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Flannel prints for ivory fleece & flannel Kitty Mat Beds.

Fleece prints for fleece on fleece Kitty Mat Beds.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Fabrics

969 Lilies

Shop Market Line Bags at my Etsy Store.

If you've been watching the updates on the Market Bag Madness -2014 post, you will see that I've been working with quite a few new fabrics. I've also added eight new cotton prints to the Cotton Page, as well as ten new, one-of-a-kind cotton prints and other fabrics to the Limited Edition, Market Line Prints page.  The Limited Edition page prints are "900" numbers. This tells you that there is only enough fabric to make one or at the most two bags in that print. These prints will make Limited Edition or one-of-a-kind bags.

Here are a few of the new prints that have been added to the Limited Edition collection:

990 Black Leaf Corduroy

This fabric is corduroy  and would make an interesting Market Line bag.

973 Branch & Berries

970 Paisley Red

To order a Market Line bag, there are over 200 different prints to choose from between the two collections.