Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Ornament/Package Toppers Sale

I've been working around the clock for more than a week to bring you my largest selection ever of Ornament/Package Toppers! For the first time, the collection has two Hanukkah themed sets. For those of you who are not familiar with these little items, I've made them for years to add as a little decoration on presents. If you have very small children or curious pets, they are perfect to hang on the lower branches of your tree. They also add a nice festive touch to door knobs, lamp switches or curtain pulls.

When I did craft shows, they sold for a dollar each. They are offered on-line to you at a significant savings. They have a touch of my sachet blend of lavender and peppermint and smell wonderful. They are finished with a poly-fiber-fill stuffing. There's a ruler in the photos to show you the scale of the Ornament/Package Toppers. Shipping is free on orders over $20.00!

(Special orders: You can order any Ornament/Package Topper set scent-free. For an additional $1.00 each set, you can order any set filled with catnip instead of the sachet mix.)


Order six Ornament/Package Topper sets by October 31st and receive TWO MORE sets of a lesser value free! You must choose at least two different fabric sets. The two free sets must be of a lesser or equal value of the six paid sets.

E-Mail me at: sprocket.trials "AT"

I accept personal checks, money orders and Paypal at:
customerservice "AT"
I accept credit cards through Paypal Checkout.


Order $20.00 worth of Ornament/Package Toppers and receive free shipping!
I have several shipping options, and I will use the least expensive rate for your location and package weight. FedEx Ground; USPS Parcel Post; USPS First Class Package; USPS Priority Mail.



(Click on the images for a closeup view.)

Let It Snow
($3.75 a set. 1 sets available)

Small Bears
($1.75 a set. 4 sets available)

Doggie Portraits
($2.75 a set. 5 sets available)

Cats in Hats and Scarves
($3.25 a set. 3 sets available)

Penguin Winter Sports
($2.75 a set. 6 sets available)

Wrapped Presents
($2.25 a set. 8 sets available)

($3.25 a set. 4 sets available)

Big Bear Christmas
($1.00 each or both for $1.75. 6 each available)

Presents on Green
($2.75 a set. 4 sets available)

Best Friends
($2.75 a set. 8 sets available)

Large Ornaments 1
($3.25 a set. 3 sets available)

Large Ornaments 2
($3.25 a set. 4 sets available)

($3.75 a set. 3 sets available)

Penguin Happy Christmas
($2.75 a set. 10 sets available)

Four Square Doggies
($2.25 a set. 5 sets available)

Sprocket and Friends
($3.75 a set. 1 set available)


Bedtime Kitties

($2.75 a set. 4 sets available)

Tough Dogs
($3.25 a set. 6 sets available)

"Get Me My Coffee" Java Cats
($1.75 a set. 10 sets available)

Santa's Doggies
($3.75 a set. 2 sets available)

Five Cats
($2.25 a set. 5 sets available)

Dancing Snowmen
($2.25 a set. 5 sets available)

Beach Bum Kitties
($3.25 a set. 7 sets available)

Kitty Squares
($3.25 a set. 7 sets available)

Blue Angels
($3.75 a set. 1 set available)

($4.25 a set. 5 sets available)

Cat Faces
($3.25 a set. 7 sets available)

Small Santa Stamps
($2.75 a set. 5 sets available)

Large Santa Stamps
($2.75 a set. 5 sets available)

E-Mail me at: sprocket.trials "AT"

I accept personal checks, money orders and Paypal at:
customerservice "AT"
I accept credit cards through Paypal Checkout.

Coming Soon: Hot/Cold Pack Sale & Throw Blanket Sales!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making Ornaments/Package Toppers

For the past five days I've been cutting fabric for the 2010 Ornament/Package Topper Sale. Whenever I'm fabric shopping, I'm always on the lookout for new fabrics that would be suitable for the Ornament/Package Toppers. Sometimes the fabric is perfect... a patchwork design and cutting out the forms is easy.

But most of the time it requires a lot of patience and tedious work to get the matching images cut out of the fabric. Here is an example of how I do it. I have little sizing forms that I place over the image and then I mark with a pen inside the square to outline the cutting edge.

Sometimes if there is a long car trip we have to make, I will take a market up fabric with me and cut out the images while Mr. Sprocket drives. In this photo below, every Ziplock® bag is a different fabric with the Ornament/Package Topper pieces cut out and ready to be sewn together and stuffed.

I hope to have a sample set of all the Ornament/Package Toppers on sale this year photographed and up on the blog for sale by Monday or Tuesday.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sushi Wall Hangings

Several months ago, I suggested to my husband that we might like to consider giving his two good restaurant clients a gift. He thought I could make them Asian themed wall hangings since the restaurants are both sushi restaurants. I think he got the idea from the several silk wall hangings we have in our home. I shopped on eBay to find sushi fabric. I thought it would also be nice to give the owners one-of-a-kind sushi Market Bags.

365 Sushi Wall Hanging

This is a one-of-a-kind wall hanging. After I cut out the sizing I wanted, I backed the print with Pelon Decor Bond® to stiffen it up. I then edged the fabric with a tiny 3/8" polyester piping. I added two layers of Warm & Natural® batting. It's backed with black Kona Cotton.

364 Sushi Bar Wall Hanging

This one-of-a-kind wall hanging has the Warm & Natural® batting but doesn't have piping around the edges or the Pelon Decor Bond®.

To give the fabric a quilted feel, I stitched around all the word bubbles and the green octagon sushi platters, although I don't think the depth of the quilting comes through in the photo. Let me tell you, that stitching took about six hours. It was so time consuming!

I also make wall hangings out of imported Chinese rayon-silk Damask fabrics which is what I have hanging in my hallway. I got the idea from Chinese wood wall panels. You can see a few I made at this link. These wall hangings were a Feng Shui cure for a Santa Monica real estate office. Have you thought about getting a Feng Shui consultation for your home or office? I highly recommend Elaine Wright. Her consultation changed my life.

Below are the two Market Bags I made out of the same fabrics.

This one-of-a-kind Market Bag Euro has metal feet and a black Kona Cotton liner with pockets.

This one-of-a-kind Market Bag has meta feet and a deep blue Kona Cotton liner with pockets.

Custom Made Market Line Bags

Although I have an extensive fabric collection to choose from, I may not have a fabric that you like. I can make a Market Bag or Market Bag Euro out of any 100% cotton fabric of your own choosing for only $29.00. All you have to do is send me the fabric. I need a minimum of 1 yard of 45 inches wide fabric. If you want matching fabric handles I need a minimum of a yard-and-a-quarter, depending on the length of the straps. E-mail me for your specific fabric needs.

I'm also working on new ornament/package toppers for the holiday season as well as some returning favorites. Look for the sale on the package toppers within the next few weeks.

I recently received a request for a "kitty cape" but Sprocket's illness and death set me back from working on developing a new item. Once I get the specifics worked out, I'll show everyone what I've created.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Cotton Prints II

I've known that I'm a fabriholic for a long time. I mean, my attic is stuffed and my upstairs sewing room is packed also. I have a hard time passing up a good fabric sale. I hit JoAnn's this weekend picking up a few yards of fabrics that I was getting low on, as well as a few new prints.

New Cotton Prints

463 Many Doggies

And, for all of you out there that love coffee here's a new print.

543 Coffee Love

There are several more new prints (kitty and non-kitty) in the 2010 Cat Print Sale entry, including many unusual one-of-a-kind prints.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Cotton Cat Print Sale

Over the past few days, I've been renumbering my fabrics and trying to get like fabrics together and more organized. I've still got a ways to go but at least there is some progress.

There are several new prints in the collection I wanted to share with you. And, to honor my beloved Sprocket, I'm offering great discounts on Market Bags and Hot/Cold Packs when you select a cotton cat print.

Check out these new fabrics you may have missed.

Kitties, Kitties, Kitties!

416 Alley Cat

419 Cat Nap Lineup

420 Harley Cat

(For those of you who love kitties and motorcycles.)

423 Tossed Kitties

(Look for these kitties on new package toppers in the coming months.)

424 Kitty News

(Originally a limited edition print, I was able to find
more of this fabric at Michael Levine's
a few months ago and snapped a few yards up.)

425 Cat Breeds

426 Sprocket and Friends

(The black and white kitty in this print reminded me of Sprocket
so I named it after him.)

586 Christmas Kittens

New Doggie Prints

459 Doggie Portrait

(Look for these doggies on new package toppers
in the coming months.)

460 Dogs on Blue

462 Beach Puppies

Other Animal Prints

483 Butterfly Postcards

Novelty Prints

548 Day of the Dead

549 Sailing Ships

(This print is a heavy cotton and could pass for a lightweight duck.)

These prints are exclusively for the Market Line.
For most of these prints, there is only
a yard or less of the fabric available
for a truly "one-of-a-kind" bag.

923 Batik Water

924 Geometric Abstract Dark

925 Geometric Elephant

928 Southern Palm

940 Vegetable Medley

961 Tossed Tulips

962 Piano Keys

963 Delicate Paisley Floral

964 Sushi Bar

965 Sushi


Through the month of September, order any Market Bag in a cotton cat print and get 33% off the regular price! Cat Print Market Bags regularly $36.00 are now only $24.00!! Market Bag Euros regularly $42.00 are now only $28.00!! (Metal feet, matching fabric handles and Market Bag liners are extra.)

Through the month of September, order any Hot/Cold Pack in a cotton cat print and get 33% off the regular price! Standard Hot/Cold Packs regularly $27.00 are now only $18.00!! Mini Hot/Cold Packs regularly $8.00 are now only $5.25!!

Click HERE to see all the cat fabric prints available.
Hurry. This sale ends September 30th, 2010.

Ordering & Payment
E-mail me at:
sprocket.trials AT with your order
and address I will quote you a shipping price.
All orders ship either FedEx Ground, or Priority Mail
flat rate with tracking, which ever is cheaper.

I accept personal checks, money orders and Paypal.
Credit Cards accepted through Paypal Checkout.