Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sushi Wall Hangings

Several months ago, I suggested to my husband that we might like to consider giving his two good restaurant clients a gift. He thought I could make them Asian themed wall hangings since the restaurants are both sushi restaurants. I think he got the idea from the several silk wall hangings we have in our home. I shopped on eBay to find sushi fabric. I thought it would also be nice to give the owners one-of-a-kind sushi Market Bags.

365 Sushi Wall Hanging

This is a one-of-a-kind wall hanging. After I cut out the sizing I wanted, I backed the print with Pelon Decor Bond® to stiffen it up. I then edged the fabric with a tiny 3/8" polyester piping. I added two layers of Warm & Natural® batting. It's backed with black Kona Cotton.

364 Sushi Bar Wall Hanging

This one-of-a-kind wall hanging has the Warm & Natural® batting but doesn't have piping around the edges or the Pelon Decor Bond®.

To give the fabric a quilted feel, I stitched around all the word bubbles and the green octagon sushi platters, although I don't think the depth of the quilting comes through in the photo. Let me tell you, that stitching took about six hours. It was so time consuming!

I also make wall hangings out of imported Chinese rayon-silk Damask fabrics which is what I have hanging in my hallway. I got the idea from Chinese wood wall panels. You can see a few I made at this link. These wall hangings were a Feng Shui cure for a Santa Monica real estate office. Have you thought about getting a Feng Shui consultation for your home or office? I highly recommend Elaine Wright. Her consultation changed my life.

Below are the two Market Bags I made out of the same fabrics.

This one-of-a-kind Market Bag Euro has metal feet and a black Kona Cotton liner with pockets.

This one-of-a-kind Market Bag has meta feet and a deep blue Kona Cotton liner with pockets.

Custom Made Market Line Bags

Although I have an extensive fabric collection to choose from, I may not have a fabric that you like. I can make a Market Bag or Market Bag Euro out of any 100% cotton fabric of your own choosing for only $29.00. All you have to do is send me the fabric. I need a minimum of 1 yard of 45 inches wide fabric. If you want matching fabric handles I need a minimum of a yard-and-a-quarter, depending on the length of the straps. E-mail me for your specific fabric needs.

I'm also working on new ornament/package toppers for the holiday season as well as some returning favorites. Look for the sale on the package toppers within the next few weeks.

I recently received a request for a "kitty cape" but Sprocket's illness and death set me back from working on developing a new item. Once I get the specifics worked out, I'll show everyone what I've created.

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