Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Fleece & Flannel Blankets

I have three new blankets available at my Etsy store in the BLANKETS section. 

The first two blankets are fleece and flannel. The blankets are made with a cotton flannel print on one side and ivory polar fleece on the other. These blankets measure approximately 42-43" wide by 58-59" long. They are soft, cozy and best of all, 100% machine washable.

Tiny Hearts & Cats in Hats & Bows
Tiny Hearts close up
Only TWO available
Cats in Hats & Bows close up
Only ONE available

The next blanket is a double fleece. It's a Debbie Mumm print that I call Kitties Chasing Mice on one side and ivory polar fleece on the other side.

Kitties Chasing Mice, double fleece
Only ONE available

Kitties Chasing Mice, close up

Comparison of fleece and flannel blanket 
to a double fleece blanket.

This is just a start. More blankets coming in the next few days. Contact me if you have a special request/order at sprocket.trials AT

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ornament/Package Toppers are Back!

Winter Wonders Ornament Set
Ornament/Package Toppers are Here!
Ornament/Package Toppers are Here!

Just in time for the holidays. You can see all the collections at my  

My Ornament/Package Toppers have been a big hit with my customers for many years.

I take a cotton print with a Christmas, Jewish or animal theme, stuff them with a polyester fiber fill and add a hanging ribbon. Each ornament has at least a teaspoon or more of my special lavender and peppermint sachet mix to make them smell wonderful.

You can hang them on your tree, curtain rods or to decorate the top of a package. They are child friendly, and perfect to hang on the lower tree branches. They also make wonderful gift sets.

Every Ornament/Package Topper comes with it's own tag (not shown).

Order $25.00 or more in Ornament/Package Toppers and get your shipping refunded. US Only.