Sunday, March 26, 2017

Confession: I am a Fabricaholic

 Left to right: Peacocks w/gold metallic, cotton;
 Insects, cotton; Leaves, drapery; Teal stripes, canvas.
Autumn Day, cotton; Orange Poppies, cotton; 
Poppy 2, cotton, Frida Panel, cotton

Did you ever have a hobby where you collected things? Do you still collect things now?

When I was in my teens and into my 20's, it was little model motorcycles. At 19, my first vehicle was a motorcycle. I rode for over 25 years, taking several cross country trips. I still have a matchstick type collection of over 30 different motorcycles, somewhere in storage.

Another item I still collect are small to medium sized wooden boxes, the more unusual the better. In my 30's it was vintage and reproduction tins. I only have a few of those left, mostly to store sewing notions. When I started to sew with cotton, that's when I became a true fabricaholic.

Years ago when I found a cotton fabric I liked, I would buy 6, 8 or even 10 yards of that print at a time. I have yards and yards of Asian, western, horse and fruit prints that no one is interested in anymore. I've learned. I rarely by that much of a cotton print now.

I know I couldn't tell you how many yards of fabric I have, but I have a guess as to how many linear feet of fabric bolts are upstairs and in my attic. The bolts standing on end, just like you would find in a fabric store, probably come close to 100 linear feet. Most of my fabric is on full bolts, stored in a large upstairs room and in the attic.

Over 10 linear feet of fabric is wrapped on these small cardboard's like in the photo at top. If I'm buying a fabric specifically for the Market Line Bags, I now buy only a yard or two, no more.

Here is a photo of the 3 foot-wide shelf where most of the small cardboard bolts are stored. The lower shelf has two rows of bolts on it. Every single one is a different fabric.

There are over 150 different fabrics on this shelf.

Printed fleece and flannel are a bit different, since I use them for baby blankets, throw blankets and the Pet Mat Beds. If it's a print that I think will be popular, I'll buy 4-5 yards. Below are some brand new fleece and flannel kitty prints that I'll probably start working with in late summer.

Fleece bolts at the top:
I love cat naps; Cats on blue; Cartoon cats in a row
Flannel on bottom, unbolted:
Cats on white; Cats on cream; Feathers all over

Where do I find my fabrics? I shop downtown Los Angeles in the garment district for all kinds of fabric. I browse online mostly for cotton, especially if I'm looking for new Christmas prints for the Ornament/Package Toppers. I shop at JoAnn Fabrics when they put fabrics, cutting tools or thread on sale.