Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Items: Body Pack & Neck Wrap Pack 2011 SALE


I hope you and your family are having a memorable holiday season. This past year I've had many pressing responsibilities that have taken me away from my sewing machine, which is why I only had one sale before the holidays in 2011. What little sewing I did this year consisted of the Asian Silk Cosmetic Bags, a few holiday orders and small gifts to close friends for Christmas.

I have a dear friend who loves my Hot/Cold Packs, but she was wanting a pack that covered her upper back and shoulders at the same time. She was using two of the regular packs but was looking for a single pack that would meet her needs.

Below are two new Hot/Cold Packs that have been added to the line.

325 Diagonal Gold
Body Pack (16" x 28") ~ Neck Wrap Pack (4.5" x 28")

On the left is the Body Pack and the right is the Neck Wrap Pack. The Body Pack is whopping 16" x 28" and weighs in at over four pounds of my special herbs and seed blend. The Neck Wrap Pack is 4.5" x 28" and weighs over one pound and ten ounces. These packs can be heated in the microwave for instant soothing heat or kept in the freezer for a quick cool-down wrap. And best of all, they can be used over and over again. As long as you take care of them, (Don't get them wet. Store them in Ziploc bags or the freezer.) they will last many years of continual use. You will not find such a wide variety of Hot/Cold Pack sizes or selection of prints anywhere else. CLICK HERE to see Betsy Ross Linens entire selection of over 160 different cotton prints.

324 Diagonal Blue, 327 Asian Lilac, 328 Asian Blooms,
330 Calligraphy Chop, 331 Onnakeda Gold on Black
336 Asian Orchid Pink & Green, 337 Blue Bamboo

426 Sprocket & Friends
(Body Pack, Mini Pack & Extra Large Pack)

To celebrate the introduction of these new packs, Betsy Ross Linens is offering the following specials on the entire Hot/Cold Pack line:

Body Pack: 16" x 28" 4 lbs 2oz ~ Reg. $45.00, now only $36.00
X-Large Pack: 12" x 24" 2 lbs 10 oz ~ Reg. $36.00, now only $29.00
Standard Pack: 8" x 24" 1 lb 12 oz ~ Reg. $27.00, now only $21.00
Neck Wrap Pack: 4.5" x 28" 1 lb 10 oz ~ Reg. $23.00, now only $19.00
Mini Pack: 4" x 12" 7 oz ~ Reg. $8.00, now only $5.00

325 Diagonal Gold
(Extra Large Pack, Mini Pack, Standard Pack)

Orders over $50.00 receive FREE SHIPPING!!


To order, please E-mail me at:

sprocket.trials AT gmail.com

All orders under $50.00 I need an
address to quote you a shipping price.

I accept checks, money orders or Paypal®
(where you can use your credit card) at:

customerservice AT betsyrosslinens.com

327 Asian Lilac
(Mini Pack & Standard Pack)

Don't forget! There's always a little something extra in the box when you order from Betsy Ross Linens!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Tapestry & Asian Silks Cosmetic Bag Sale

Cosmetic Bags in stock are now on my Etsy Store.
Tapestry & Asian Silk Cosmetic Bags, Small Size

Surprise, surprise! I've finally finished the cosmetic bags I originally started in December last year. Back then I dug through my attic storage for some new and old Asian Silks and new Tapestry prints to make a nice inventory of cosmetic bags. I got about half-finished when I had to put all sewing on the back burner for quite a while to help Mr. Sprocket with his business (writing proposals and eventually contracts). When I had a short break from those real life responsibilities, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cover the James Fayed murder-for-hire trial as well as keep up with all the pretrial hearings in the Stephanie Lazarus case that's due to start October 16th this year. Since I'm back to sewing on a more regular basis (at least until the Lazarus trial starts), I hope to have a few more sales up on the blog (Market Bags, Ornament/Package Toppers) within the next few weeks.


Back in the mid to late 90's, I made tapestry cosmetic bags on a regular basis. A few years later I started making them out of lighter-weight fabrics. I tried making them out of cotton but they could not hold up to the wear and tear like the tapestry and silk fabrics can. The last time I made the Asian silk cosmetic bags was almost four years ago.

X-Large (approximately 9"x7") Reg. $22.00;
On Sale for only $17.00
Large (approximately 8"x6") Reg. $18.00; On Sale for only $13.00
Small (approximately 7"x5" Reg. $15.00; On Sale for only $10.00
Coin (approximately 4"x3") Reg. $10.00; On Sale for only $5.00
Asian Squares (approximately 5"x5") On Sale for only $6.00
Asian Rectangles (approximately 2.25"x6") On Sale for only $4.00
Tassel Pull: $1.00 each
Orders over $20.00 receive FREE SHIPPING! Hurry. This Sale Ends October 31st, 2011.


These Asian silks are imported from China and are made from a blend of silk and rayon. The fabric comes on a roll and is only 30" wide. They are not the imitation, lightweight polyester fabrics you will find in chain stores like Jo Ann's. With this batch of bags, I've made four sizes. Extra-Large, Large, Small and Coin. They are lined in vinyl and have a ribbon pull on the zipper. There are also a few odd-sized bags available made out of end scraps. You can upgrade the ribbon pulls to a tassel pull for $1.00 each.

Asian Silk Calligraphy on Red
(X-Large: 3 in stock; Large: 3 in stock; Small: 6 in stock;
Coin: 3 in stock)

Asian Silk Green Bamboo
(X-Large: 1 in stock; Large: 1 in stock; Small: 2 in stock;
Coin: 1 in stock)

Asian Silk Melon Dragons
(X-Large: 3 in stock; Large: 3 in stock; Small: 2 in stock;
Coin: 3 in stock)

Asian Silk Calligraphy on Black
(Large: 3 in stock; Small: 3 in stock; Coin: 3 in stock)

Asian Silk Raspberry Dragons
(X-Large: 1 in stock; Large: 2 in stock; Small: 2 in stock)

Asian Silk Blue Chrysanthemum
(X-Large: 3 in stock; Large: 3 in stock; Small: 3 in stock;
Coin: 3 in stock)

Asian Silk Squares
(1 Calligraphy Red; 1 Calligraphy Black; 1 Chrysanthemum)

Asian Silk Rectangles
(1 Calligraphy Red; 1 Calligraphy Black; 1 Melon Dragons)


The tapestry cosmetic bags are lined in vinyl and come standard with a tassel pull. They range from heavy-weight to light weight tapestry fabrics.

Leaves on Gold
(Heavy weight, imitation doe-suede tapestry)
X-Large: 3 in stock; Large: 3 instock; Small: 3 in stock)

Butterflies on Lavender & Red
(Medium weight, woven tapestry)
(X-Large: 1 Lavender; Large: 1 Lavender, 1 Red;
Small: 1 Lavender, 1 Red)

BK Tapestry
(Lightweight polyester tapestry)
(X-Large: 2 in stock $12.00 each; Large: 2 in stock $10.00 each)
(Small: 2 in stock $8.00 each)

E-Mail me at:
sprocket.trials "AT" gmail.com
With your order. Please provide an address
so I can calculate a shipping price. I can
also send you an invoice through Paypal.

I accept personal checks,
money orders and Paypal at:
customerservice "AT" betsyrosslinens.com
I accept credit cards through Paypal Checkout.

I have several shipping options, and I will use the least expensive
rate for your location and package weight. FedEx Ground;
USPS Parcel Post, First Class or Priority Mail.

October 31st, 2011.