Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017 New Items in Fleece & Flannel: Throw Blankets, Baby Blankets & Kitty Mat Beds

2017 New Items in Fleece & Flannel

I've been burning up my sewing machine the past six weeks making all kinds of blankets and Kitty Mat Beds. I have a big flannel stash in my attic and I've been slowly adding to it over the last couple of years with new kitty prints. All my fleece & flannel items are 100% machine wash/dry and can be found at my Etsy Store.

Here are some photos:
Fleece & Flannel Throw Blankets

The throw blankets measure approximately 39-41" x 59." There are six different prints to choose from. From top to bottom we have: I Love Cat Naps; Purrr Meow; Cartoon Cats; Breeds; Kitties & Bugs & Butterflies; Brown Cat Faces.  You can see a close-up of all the prints in the Blankets Section at my Etsy Store.

Fleece & Flannel Baby Blankets

The baby blankets measure approximately 28" x 34" There are nine different prints to choose from: From top to bottom we have: Bee Babies; Blue Doggie Squares; Nursery Rhymes; Blue Yellow Moon; Green Bunnies; Pink Yellow Moon, Blue 123; Green ABC; Pink Birds & Flowers.

Fleece & Flannel Kitty Mat Beds

 The Kitty Mat Beds are three layers of fleece with a fun flannel print. They measure approximately 17-18" x 19" There are seventeen different prints to choose from. You will find almost all of the throw blanket prints included as Kitty Mat Beds. From top to bottom we have: I Love Cat Naps; Purrr Meow; Cats N Hats & Bows; Between You and Mee; Breeds; Kitty & Moon; Pink Napping Cats; Green Here Kitty! Cats, Yarn & Mice; Brown Kittens Squares; Kitties, Bugs & Butterflies; Pink Check Cats; Brown Cat Faces; Stripe #1; Pink, Gray, Brown Cats; Blue Meiow Fish; Pink Jumping Cats.
More throw Fleece & Panne throw blankets are coming, so keep checking my Etsy Store.