Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ornament/Package Topper Sale 2014!

Vintage Santas Collection

The Ornament/Package Topper Sale 2014 is finally here!

My Ornament/Package Toppers have been a big hit with my customers for many years.

You can find the Ornament/Package Toppers on sale in the ORNAMENTS SECTION of my Etsy Store.  They are easy to purchase!  Just click to buy.

This is just the beginning. I'll be adding more collections to my Etsy store in the next week or two.

I take a cotton print with a Christmas, Jewish or animal theme, stuff them with a polyester fiber fill and add a hanging ribbon. I add a teaspoon or two of my special lavender and peppermint sachet mix to make them smell wonderful.

You can hang them on your tree, curtain rods or to decorate the top of a package. They are child friendly, and perfect to hang on the lower tree branches. They also make wonderful gift sets.

Every Ornament/Package Topper comes with it's own tag.

Order $20.00 or more in Ornament/Package Toppers and get your shipping refunded. US orders only.

Ornament/Package Toppers will be available at my Etsy Store for the next four months.

Here's a sampling of what's available now:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fleece & Flannel Christmas Stockings

Fleece & Flannel Kitty Themed Christmas Stockings

My entire stock of finished Christmas Stockings have been put on clearance at a significant savings. They are available for easy, click to buy purchase at my Etsy Store.

Originally priced at $18.00, all single sided stockings are only $8.00 and double sided stockings are $10.00.

All Clearance Items.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ornament/Package Toppers are Coming! The Ornament/Package Toppers are Coming! 2014

Sampling of Unfinished Ornament/Package Toppers

The Ornament/Package Toppers are back, and they will be on sale via my Etsy Store very soon! The last time I offered these little gems for sale was in 2010!

I take a cotton print with a Christmas, Jewish or animal theme, stuff them with a polyester fill and add a hanging ribbon. And to make them smell wonderful, I add a touch of my special lavender and peppermint sachet mix.

You can hang them on your tree, curtain rods or add to the top of a package.  They are child friendly, so you no longer have to worry about damaged ornaments. They also make wonderful gift sets.

Examples of past Ornament/Package Toppers that will be returning this year:

Dancing Snowmen

Penguin Winter Sports

Let It Snow

The Ornaments/Package Toppers will be in the "Ornaments Section" in my Etsy Store.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Perfect Bobbin Box (or Tray)

I recently dropped my bobbin tray and
had to organize it, which prompted this post.

I searched for many years trying to find a bobbin box that would hold all my bobbins in the same place. I finally stumbled upon a solution. The answer is simple and inexpensive, if you know where to look.
I found this little plastic tray that fits bobbins!

I have a separate tray for each of my sewing machines. I also take the time to write the thread color number in permanent marker on the bobbin.

I found this great plastic tray inside a specific brand/type of cigar box:
 LA GLORIA CUBANA, Glorias en Cedros

All you need to do is shop cigar shops and ask them if they carry this specific cigar. If they do, ask them to save that cigar box with the tray, for you.

Inside the La Gloria Cubana box.

This type of cigar comes in a 7 per box and 14 per box (double tray). Happy cigar box hunting!

See everything I have for sale at my Etsy Store

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


UPDATE: Peacock Bags availability & pricing.

 One-of-a-Kind Kiwi Market Bag

You can see all my Market Line inventory via my store on Etsy. I've extended the free shipping on my Market Line Bags through December 2014! Remember this bag?

 Peacock Blue

 The two Peacock bags I had sold out within a matter of hours. I've obtained a bit more the the Peacock fabric in blue and silver and a new color, green and gold.

Peacock Green

Contact me for a bag in the Peacock Blue or Peacock Green. There are two Market Bag style bags cut out, one in each color, not finished. Those are $72.00 each. There are two Market Euro Tall bags cut out in each color. Those will be $81.00 each.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Panne Color Palette

Check out all my blankets available on Etsy HERE. I've been sewing non-stop to get these blankets made for my next sale! Standard Throw Blankets, regularly priced at $45.00 are now on sale via my store on Etsy for only $39.00!  Free shipping through October.

Hurry. This Sale Ends November 5, 2014.

Imagine enveloping yourself in the cozy warmth of polar fleece and the silken touch of crushed panne velvet. You will be surprised at how soft and comfortable these blankets are. They are made from 100% polyester, ivory polar fleece and 100% polyester crushed panne velvet. There are a variety of colors available. The panne velvet has a wonderful, glistening sheen when the light hits it.

They are perfect to curl up with a book or for extra warmth while watching TV. They make a great accent at the foot of a bed, or the back of a chair or sofa. And the best part, they are 100% machine washable.

The blankets were very difficult to photograph and get the colors exact.   Contact me for more photos of a specific color. Some colors I have more than one blanket available.

Gunmetal Gray, Royal Purple, Emerald Green,
Scarlet, Midnight Blue $39.00

Olive Green, Antique Gold, Teal
Hot Pink, Forest Green $39.00

 Medium Purple, Baby Yellow, Baby Light Green
Rose, Sky Blue $39.00

There are a few other blankets available:

Odd-sized Zebra Print $65.00
Approx 58" x 79")

Brown Snakeskin Panne, Periwinkle
Snakeskin Panne (last one available) $39.00

Gray & Yellow Cate Faces Fleece 
w/Gunmetal Gray Panne $39.00

622 Cat Faces Brown Flannel 
w/Polar Fleece side borders $39.00

All of these blankets are available for purchase through my Etsy Store.  If you have a special order or inquiry, contact me via Etsy to open up a special order inquiry.