Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ornament/Package Toppers are Coming! The Ornament/Package Toppers are Coming! 2014

Sampling of Unfinished Ornament/Package Toppers

The Ornament/Package Toppers are back, and they will be on sale via my Etsy Store very soon! The last time I offered these little gems for sale was in 2010!

I take a cotton print with a Christmas, Jewish or animal theme, stuff them with a polyester fill and add a hanging ribbon. And to make them smell wonderful, I add a touch of my special lavender and peppermint sachet mix.

You can hang them on your tree, curtain rods or add to the top of a package.  They are child friendly, so you no longer have to worry about damaged ornaments. They also make wonderful gift sets.

Examples of past Ornament/Package Toppers that will be returning this year:

Dancing Snowmen

Penguin Winter Sports

Let It Snow

The Ornaments/Package Toppers will be in the "Ornaments Section" in my Etsy Store.

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