Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Perfect Bobbin Box (or Tray)

I recently dropped my bobbin tray and
had to organize it, which prompted this post.

I searched for many years trying to find a bobbin box that would hold all my bobbins in the same place. I finally stumbled upon a solution. The answer is simple and inexpensive, if you know where to look.
I found this little plastic tray that fits bobbins!

I have a separate tray for each of my sewing machines. I also take the time to write the thread color number in permanent marker on the bobbin.

I found this great plastic tray inside a specific brand/type of cigar box:
 LA GLORIA CUBANA, Glorias en Cedros

All you need to do is shop cigar shops and ask them if they carry this specific cigar. If they do, ask them to save that cigar box with the tray, for you.

Inside the La Gloria Cubana box.

This type of cigar comes in a 7 per box and 14 per box (double tray). Happy cigar box hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Or, just buy the cigars, smoke them (they're excellent), and then use the box!