Thursday, March 7, 2013

50% Off Hot/Cold Pack Sale 2013! Lowest Prices Ever!


Today, Betsy Ross Linens launches the biggest Hot/Cold Pack Sale ever!

All Hot/Cold Packs are on sale at 50% off!

327 Asian Lilac: Mini Pack, Standard Pack

If you're not familiar with my cotton based Hot/Cold Packs, let me tell you about them. My special blend is made with rice, flax seed, lavender flowers, and peppermint leaves—and they smell wonderful! (If you are fragrance-sensitive, they can be ordered scent-free.) You can put them in the microwave for instant heat, or place them in the freezer for cooling relief. Use them again and again and again.  As long as you take care of them, (Don't get them wet. Store them in Ziploc bags or the freezer.) they will last many years of continual use. Long-time customers have said they are the best packs they've found anywhere. The other unique feature of my packs is you will not find such a wide variety of Hot/Cold Pack sizes or selection of prints anywhere else.

Hot/Cold Pack Sizes
426 Sprocket & Friends 
Body Pack, Mini Pack, X-Large Pack

325 Diagonal Gold: Body Pack, Neck Wrap

330 Caligraphy Chop: Standard Pack, Mini Pack

Body Pack: 16" x 28" 4 lbs 2oz ~ Reg. $45.00, now only $22.50
X-Large Pack: 12" x 24" 2 lbs 10 oz ~ Reg. $36.00, now only $18.00
Standard Pack: 8" x 24" 1 lb 12 oz ~ Reg. $27.00, now only $13.50
Neck Wrap: 4.5" x 28" 1 lb 10 oz ~ Reg. $23.00, now only $11.50
Mini Pack: 4" x 12" 7 oz ~ Reg. $8.00, now only $4.00
Orders over $75.00 receive free shipping!


Hot/Cold Pack Print Selection
Below is a small selection of the 150+ different prints to choose from.
Click on the images to see a close-up view.

301 Calligraphy Red, 306 Geisha Beige,
310 Bamboo Mountains,
314 Calligraphy Black,
321 Calrose, 323 Geese on Blue

324 Diagonal Blue, 327 Asian Lilac, 328 Asian Blooms,
330 Calligraphy Chop, 331 Onnakeda Gold on Black
336 Asian Orchid Pink & Green, 337 Blue Bamboo

403 Cats Haiku Black, 404 Cats Haiku Yellow,
405 Museum Cats, 406 Cats Kimono, 407 Cat Faces,
409 Kitty Mocha Meow, 412 Kitties Sewing All Over
420 Harley Cats

450 Dogs Rust, 451 Tough Dogs, 452 Dogs Kerchiefs,
453 Dogs Faces, 454 Dogs Labradors,
461 Small Tossed Doggies, 464 Dog Bones on Pink

480 Vibrant Butterfly, 486 Fish, 520 Pink Ribbon,
527 Instruments, 528 Cactus Armadillo

535 Old Labels, 537 Lemons, 538 Old Labels II,
539 Watermelon, 551, Faries Flowers One,
565 Baseballs & Bats, 567 Baseballs Large Black,
569 Footballs

803 Tossed Horseshoes, 806 Saddles on Black,
814 Indian Blanket Orange

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SALE ENDS APRIL 10th 2013.