Saturday, June 14, 2008

Roosters and Canvas Shopping

I was getting low on canvas and decided I needed to get at least 15 yards for another Market Line Madness production. I use canvas as a base for the Market Bags, Market Totes, and the Basque Market Bags. I've purchased from this company for many years, ever since the early 90's I believe. But when I stopped by the warehouse yesterday after attending a pretrial hearing for the Cameron Brown trial, things were different.

First off, their small parking lot was full and I had to park on the street. This had never happened before. Second, when I peeked in the darkened windows as I rang the buzzer to be let in, I didn't see the regular office set up. A familiar face answered the door although I didn't think the young woman recognized me. "Betsy with Betsy Ross Linens," I said. She asked, "What are you looking for?" "Canvas," I replied. "Oh. You need Nancy," she smiled back.

As I was let in, everything was changed. New hallways and offices had been created in the front part of the warehouse. I was led down a new hallway toward Nancy's office. I had not been here for quite some time, and I wondered why all the new offices were built. When she greeted me and I asked what was happening, she told me that she and her husband sold the warehouse in January to another company and they were retiring. Two other businesses were now in the building and her and her husband were the last of the staff still here.

I immediately stated panicking that I would have a hard time finding such a good supplier for heavy canvas and flannel. However, she told me not to worry. Her husband would still be doing a little bit of business for long time customers for a while longer. She assured me that the phone number would be the same, and that I could call up and tell them what I needed. It might take a few days, but her husband could get what I needed and I would then meet him at whatever warehouse the fabric is being stored. Not as easy as just stopping in and buying what I need, but at least I will still be able to get canvas at such a good price.

We walked back to the warehouse to make sure they had the wide heavy canvas I usually order. They had two sizes, 63" and 71" available, and I decided on the smaller width. Nancy did say that in the future, I would have to buy a full bolt which is 60 yards. The only problem with that for me, will be getting it in and out of my car. I'll have to figure that out next time I buy canvas. I make a decision then and there to get 40 yards, and Nancy tells me that they can put that into two 20 yard bolts for me. That will make it much easier for me to handle on this trip.

As we're walking through the warehouse we hear this shrieking. Nancy tells me, "Oh that's the rooster." Rooster? Nancy explains that the relatively new tenant in the building next to them has a wide variety of exotic birds in cages, including a few roosters and they are often walking around out on the street. "No. Way!" I reply. She says, come on, I'll show you. We walk out the to the front of the building, and there's the rooster, coming around the corner of the building and walking down the sidewalk. With it, is a much smaller chicken. I try my best to get my camera working on my phone but I miss getting a photo. Nancy says somewhat chuckling, "Things sure are different around here now."

I told Nancy that I'm sad that they are leaving the business but happy for them that they made the decision to spend more time with their family.