Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitty Mat Beds

 Kitty Mat Beds

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UPDATED 1/14/14: More Kitty Mat Beds! Scroll down to bottom!

The last time I made a batch of Kitty Mat Beds, they were a huge hit. The first mat beds were made of three layers of polyester polar fleece and a cotton flannel print layer on top. They measure approximately (16"x19"), are triple sewn for durability and machine washable. Not only do kitties love sleeping on them, they work well in a carrier and they protect your furniture, too. You won't find mat beds like these in any commercial pet store.

I've made a sampling of Kitty Mat Beds out of ivory polar fleece and cat prints from my flannel collection. You can order a Kitty Mat Bed in any print from the flannel collection. If you don't see a flannel print you like, please contact me. I have lots of unusual theme flannel prints that have not been added to the collection (sports, Christmas, etc.). If you would like a mat bed made of out flannel you already have, please contact me for a price.

This year, I've also made a few mat beds out of two layers of ivory polar fleece and one layer of printed polar fleece from my fleece collection. The fleece only mat beds are a little lighter weight that the standard mat beds.

Kitty Mat Beds in both styles are only $19.00 each.  Purchase two or more and the price is $14.00 each! That's a 25% savings.  Shipping is free through February 28th, 2014!

Fleece & Flannel Mat Beds

606 Kitty & Moon (many available)

615 Kitties Bugs Butterflies (many available)

621 Kitty Meiow & Fish (many available)

622 Cat Faces Brown (many available)
623 Jumping Kitties Pink (many available)

625 Here Kitty on Green (many available)

649 BeeTween You & Me (many available)

I Love My Cat Mat Bed (last one left)

610 Stripe #1 (several available)

Fleece Prints Kitty Mat Beds
(two layers of ivory fleece and one layer of printed fleece)

701 Multi Paws Fleece (6 available)

705 Vibrant Cats Fleece (4-5 available)

706 Cat Faces Fleece (many available)


Cartoon Cats on Blue (last one available)

703 Paws on Red FLEECE (many available)

602 Brown Kitties (four available)

614 Kitties Gray on Pink Check (four available)

$19.00 each
2 or more: $14.00 each

E-Mail me at:
sprocket.trials "AT"

California orders are charged sales tax.

After you place your order,

I will send you a Paypal Invoice.
I accept personal checks,
money orders and Paypal at:
customerservice "AT"
I accept credit cards through Paypal Checkout.



Sprocket said...

Anonymous nancy said...
January 4, 2011

Hi, Betsy - thank you so much for my latest sets of kitty mat beds, the lovely tea napkins and handmade sachets! I swear I couldn’t live without the kitty mat beds, they’re so beautifully made & perfect for keeping fur off the furniture - when company comes over I just whip off the mat beds & no fur to worry about. Plus the kitties love them too, they won’t get on their favorite nap spots until their kitty mat beds are out of the wash! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Sprocket!

Tara Clair C said...
January 9, 2014

I have several Kitty mats. Not only do I adore the prints, but my cat loves this special kind of cozy!! They are well made one of a kind specialty items that I adore!

ritanita said...

I LOVE your kitty mats! My cat Gerogie prefers his to anything else.

I use them on my cat tree to line the perches. It saves me from having to get cat hair off the carpet.

Carol said...

Hi Betsy,

My kitty mats arrived yesterday, and the light, lovely fragrance attracted my cat Buzz before the package was opened! The mats are beautifully presented and the prints are just lovely. And indeed you are a seamstress extraordinaire: the mats are very well made. My tribe of kits absolutely love them. Thanks, Betsy!