Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Market Bag Line Madness - 2014 Is Coming!

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UPDATE 02/09 - First finished bag
This is the first bag I finished late in the evening on February 7. This is the modified Market Purse that will be my own handbag. I made the bag slightly taller and narrower so I could carry my laptop inside my handbag. I put a gold nylon liner in it, verses cotton. This liner fabric is not as easy to work with. You can see more photos on the BRL Facebook page.

UPDATE 02/07 - Progress continues
I've started sewing in my label on the Euro tapestry bags, gluing down the inner seams and installing the snap. I'll be working on making several liners today. Some of the tapestry bags will get nylon/rayon liners instead of cotton. Those that get cotton will get Kona Cotton®, in a complimentary matching fabric to the print. These bags will also get a larger magnetic snap than the standard Market Line Bag. I haven't decided yet, but the bags may also get a slight flair in the pin-tucks, much like the peacock feathers bag I made.

I thought I would share some photos here, that I've shared on the Facebook Page, of more of the Market Euro Tapestry bags that are coming.

 These two bags have more texture, thickness. The one on the right almost feels like a chenille.

These two bags are a little lighter in weight than the ones above, but have a nice, heavier feel.

Can you tell which one is the $9.00, 45" wide cotton print, and which one is the $35.00, 54" wide drapery print? The drapery print is a little thicker, and has a bit of a sheen to it.

UPDATE 02/04 - Progress continues
 Market Line Bag construction continues

UPDATE 02/03 - A blended bag

Market Euro - Tapestry

Here are two partially finished bags in a new "blending" of my tapestry totes with the market line style of bags.  It's a lightweight tapestry fabric bonded to canvas. This is the heaviest fabric that I've tried bonding to stiff canvas. It appears to be working out so far.

Both bags are one-of-a-kind. The bag on the left is a standard Market Bag Euro size. The bag on the right is a modified size Market Purse. This will be a bag I'm making that will easily hold my laptop when I go to court.  They will have nylon/rayon liners, like the tapestry totes, but over the shoulder thin straps like the Market Line bags.

UPDATE 02/01 - Progress continues

 Market Line Bag Construction continues

I've got 38 Market Line bags on the table. The two sides of the bags have all been sewn together. The bottom seam is double sewn.  Then the three side seams have been pressed open and the bottom corners folded into points. The next step is drawing the sew line for the double sewing of the bottom side side seams.

Once that step is complete, all the bags will be turned right side out and re-pressed.

Beginning stages of Market Bag construction.

January 28, 2014
Over the upcoming months, I will be working on creating a large selection of Market Bags, Market Bag Euro and Market Purses in stock prints and some never seen before prints. I'm also experimenting with some heavier drapery cotton prints as well as some lightweight upholstery and damask fabrics.

Previous Market Bag Madness photos:

Bags I've made:

Market Bag Euro
954 Geisha Vibrant Colors - Stock Print

Market Bag
480 Vibrant Butterfly - Stock Print

Market Tote
309 Mountain Cranes Blue - Stock Print

Market Bag
301 Calligraphy Red - Stock Print

Market Bag
411 Kitties Chasing Mice - Stock Print


dadgum said...

I love these!! The tapestry on the right is my favorite...I will be ordering as soon as you are ready!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful patterns and bags, but the "Calligraphy Red" bag is upside-down. What I mean is the Chinese character on the front of the bag is upside-down.

Sprocket said...

Thank you Anon @ 10:50 AM for letting me know!

On other parts of the print I think the characters go both ways, but I'm not positive. I'll have to look at what I have left in this print, and make markings for bags in the future.

Starthrower said...

Hi Betsy

I used to make quilted purses, boot bags and carry alls/diaperbags a lot like those, but yours are much more elegant. =) Lovely job!


Sprocket said...

Thank you so much for the feedback Paulie. Much appreciated.

I know that the type of bags you used to make were not easy and took skill. I commend you for making them. :D