Monday, February 24, 2014

Market Bag Madness 2014 - The New Market Line Bags in Tapestry Fabrics

Introducing some new bags in the Market Line: Market Bag Tapestry & Market Euro Tapestry.

 Market Line bags at my Etsy Store.

These bags are made with heavier weight drapery prints than the standard cotton prints. They come with metal feet, magnetic snap closures and nylon liners. Price varies depending on the fabric. You can see all the current tapestry prints HERE.

Market Line Tapestry Bags

Flora Surprise Gold
Only one other bag was made in this print.
This bag is ready to ship.

152 India
Enough fabric for one more bag in this print.
This bag is ready to ship.

One-of-a-kind bag, ready to ship.

Intricate Paisley Black
This particular bag has a slight 1.5" pressing flaw on
the front bottom right of the bag. It is not noticeable.
It will be discounted to account for the flaw.
One more in perfect condition is almost finished.

154 Paris Postcard
Some of these photos, the lighting did not come out right.
Both of these bags are ready to ship.
 This image most accurately reflects the color of the print.

155 Paris Text
I have a Market Bag Tapestry in this print also. 
There is enough fabric for 2 more bags.
This bag sold but another can be ordered.

Market Line, Market Bag Euro
Here is a new, limited edition cotton print. It has a scarlet nylon liner, metal feet and magnetic snap closure.

976 Scroll Black & Ivory
Enough fabric for one more bag in this print. This bag is ready to ship.


Barrier Island Girl said...

I LOVE my Betsy Ross Original Market Bag. The peacock feather fabric is just beautiful and my Market Bag is very sturdy. My orders arrive fast and I'm NEVER disappointed. Betsy is indeed talented! And no one has a prettier Market Bag than ME! :)

ritanita said...

Betsy! I've test driven my new market bag and it's a hit! The pockets all around are super!

I have used it for shopping and I don't need a purse, I just put my basics (wallet, keys, etc. in and off I go!

I can't wait for my next vacation!

I've used my other market bags as a carry-on for years and years. Now, my Kindle will fit in a pocket, my chargers in another, and so on instead of all hanging out at the bottom of the bag.

What's best is, the center is left to house my purse. All I do is take it out for security and pop it back in to board the plane. For longer trips, I can use it as a "freebee" extra carry-on which nicely stows under the seat in front of me.