Monday, November 26, 2007

Market Line Bag Madness ~ Almost Finished

Here are the Market Bags from a single order all ready to package up. There are still more to finish, but this is about two thirds of my big production.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased a Limited Edittion Market Bag in a wonderfully colorful Basketball print for my 14 year old daughter. When it came in, I wanted to keep it for myself. Not only was it wonderfully made with a magnetic snap closure, but it was made to last. My daughter used it for games and I used it whenever she was NOT using it. It is still in mint condition with all that use. I have many people ask me where I purchased such a clever and "One of a Kind" bag and I always tell them where they can go! Definitely more than worth the purchase price. Sprocket, you are truly a remarkable seamstress! Thank you!