Monday, November 19, 2007

Fleece & Flannel Blankie Sale

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I've got four polar fleece and flannel throw blankies I'm putting on sale. There are only one each of these, no more available, and whom ever emails me first, gets first shot at purchase. The blankets regularly sell for $49.00 each + shipping and tax. The price of each blanket is now $30.00 + $8.00 shipping. California residents will be charged tax. These blankets are ready to ship. I take paypal payment only.

Dimensions: 42-43" wide x 59" long

This is a one of a kind Christmas Blanket with Snowmen playing. Update! SOLD!

This is a one of a kind Baseball blanket.

This is an HP Shields blanket. There were no more than five of these made. This flannel is a bit heavier than the others. Update: SOLD!

This is a HP Owls blanket. There were no more than five of these made. This flannel is a bit softer than the other HP flannel. Update: SOLD!

Email me at the blog if you are interested in any of these blankies.

The two HP Blankies have been sold.

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mControl said...

Sprocket - you never cease to amaze. Thank you so so so much for the lovely Lyryk gift. The blanket is extraordinary and the Christmas stocking is delicious! The tiny smell goods are wonderful and I am still in awe over the craftsmanship and quality of all your items. THe blanket is already proudly covering her bed and the stocking is ready for hanging over our fireplace this holiday. You need your own boutique so everyone can explore the rich and vibrant works of art you create with your sewing. Wow, again, wow. We'll be posting photos of the items with the Lyryk in them on my blog, I will keep you posted!

Thank you from the very bottom all the way to the top of my heart for your kind generosity... it means so very much to us.