Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flannel Collection & More Cottons

I've finally uploaded to my photobucket account images of all my stock flannel. You can find the link in my Places To Go, and below. I have enough flannel in each print to make one or more Polar Fleece and Flannel Throw Blankets. I still have lots more, where I have flannel stockings cut out and ready to make. Hopefully I'll get to those some time soon.

Here are the kitty stockings that I made....half finished. You can find these fabrics (except the "licensed" prints) in the Flannel album. I can't seem to find the photograph I took with the "cuffs" added.

I've also added a few more prints to the Cotton collection.


electricxscience said...

I LOVE the kitty stockings. My "mother-in-law" collects cat things and I would just DIE to get my hands on one of these since I dont know what to get her for christmas.

Sprocket said...

You need to email me. The link to email me is on my profile.