Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas Stockings

Last year, I gave everyone on my list a polar fleece & flannel Christmas stocking, using a flannel print of something that related to them, or something that they really loved. Kitty lovers got cat prints, dog lovers got doggies, children got a related children's print, sports lovers got their favorite sports, etc. Because of that massive flannel shopping last year, I now have more flannel than I can every use for the next several years. The attic is packed with flannel.

Below are the stockings that I made for the store, Gift Baskets, Etc., in Buffalo, Wyoming, where you can find my Western and Wilderness lines of Market Bags, blankets, table linens and sachets. I still have some of the flannel prints below in stock.

I know I took some pics of the kitty prints, but I can't seem to find it right now. I have a print where the stockings are half finished, (without the cuffs), and if I can't find the finished one, I just might put that one up anyway.


The Amazing Tarquin said...

I think the ones with the deer is great. Where can I get one for my brother in law? He is a big deer fan

Sprocket said...

You need to email me.