Saturday, September 29, 2007

Working with imported Asian Silks

I've been making cosmetic bags for quite a few years now, using various materials. What I've found to be the easiest to work with are the Asian silk-rayon blends, imported from China. The inside of the bag is lined in vinyl and the zipper has a tassel pull. These are just a sampling of the Asian prints available.

Below is the small size Signature Line handbag made out of an Asian silk. These handbags are fully lined with a firm bottom, one or two zippered pockets with tassel pulls, and a magnetic snap closure. Straps are long enough to put the bag over your shoulder.


Suzi said...

Hi Betsy,

Years ago, Nordstrom carried a line of attractive, high-end cosmetic bags. I'd buy half a dozen, just to have on hand, in case I needed a quick gift and of course, they're perfect for as as Christmas/Hanukkah gifts. As I recall the bags retailed @ $48.00 each. I loved them and since I haven't been able to find them, started making them myself. I also love your small size Signature Line handbag. Do you add small metal "feet" on the bottom outside? I understand it stands up, due to the firm (reinforced bottom) but have you thought about adding metal accents?

I love your fabrics, they remind me of the photo albums from Gumps - covered in a variety of silk from the traditional Japanese obi.

I'm off to make some Hanukkah/Christmas/birthday gifts. I just wish I had your imagination and visual genius in selecting fabric.

Sprocket said...

Thank you Suzi,

I'd love to be able to charge that much for my cosmetic bags, lol, I'm just not Nordstrom's....yet! :D

Often it is an "instant knowing" when I first see a fabric that it will work as a handbag, specifically with the design/style that I make.

I can put "feet" on a bag, but then it would raise the price significantly.