Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Are you searching for a unique, low cost gift idea? I've been sewing up a storm the last few weeks with more to come. Keep checking back here for photos of new, budget minded gift ideas. This week and next I'll be working on little fabric "package toppers/ornaments" Market Line items, Christmas Stockings and Cosmetic Bags.

Hot/Cold Packs

My hot/cold packs are filled with rice, flax seed, lavender flowers and peppermint leaves. The outside covering is 100% cotton. There is a wide selection of Cotton Prints to choose from. Through the end of the year, shipping on any Hot/Cold Pack item is free!

Mini Pack: $8.00
In the past, I made some little Mini Hot/Cold pack as a bonus gift for those who have purchased from me. I'm now adding them to my line for sale for the first time. The Mini Hot/Cold Pack is 4" x 12" and priced at a low $8.00!

There are a few packs in the following images that are "one or two-of-a-kind," but you can order these little packs in any fabric on my Cotton Page.

Dragons Yellow (SOLD OUT)
Geese Abstract (1 Available)
Cats Playing (SOLD OUT)

Vibrant Butterflies (3 Available)
Asian Pink Floral (2 Available)
Bones on Yellow (1 Available)
Saddles (1 Available)
Small Dogs (2 Available)
303 Dragons
315 Floral Hibiscus
301 Calligraphy
322 New Asian Dragons
302 Calligraphy Straw
321 New Asian Calrose
403 Cats Haiku Black
405 Cats Museum
406 Cats Kimono
411 Dogs Rust
412 Dogs Kerchiefs
413 Dogs Faces
434 Pasta & Vegetables
437 Lemons
435 Old Labels 1
410 Horses 458 Bathing Kitties

Half Pack: $12.00

These are limited edition packs. There are only a few available in the fabrics shown below. The Half Pack is 8" x 12" and is a total steal at $12.00, with free shipping. The Half Pack Long measures 4" x 24" and there are only six available.

301 Calligraphy (1 Available)
310 Bamboo Mountains (1 Available)
302 Calligraphy (1 Available)
321 New Asian Calrose (SOLD OUT)
322 New Asian Dragons (2 Available)
323 New Asian Geese (1 Available)
325 New Asian Gold Diagonal (1 Available)
324 New Asian Blue Diagonal (2 Available)
410 Horses Wild (2 Available) Saddles (SOLD OUT)
Half Packs Long: $12.00
310 Bamboo Mountains (2 Available) Vibrant Butterflies (1 Available)
407 Cats Kimono (1 Available)
324 New Asian Blue Diagonal (1 Available)
457 Bathing Kitties (1 Available)

Full Size Hot/Cold Packs: On Sale for $22.00

The Full Pack measures 8" x 24" and can be ordered in any fabric on my Cotton Page (except Christmas prints). Through December 31st, you can order the Full Size Pack for only $22.00 which includes free shipping (regularly $27.00 + shipping).

Super Saver Special! Selected Prints Only $19.00!!!
Full Size Hot/Cold Packs (8" x 24") in the following prints are reduced even more! Only $19.00

303 Dragons
405 Cats Museum
307 Asian Scene
411 Dogs Rust
434 Pasta & Vegetables
436 Apples Red & Yellow
437 Lemons

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please email me at:
sprocket.trials @

Hot/Cold packs in Full and Mini size can be special ordered without the scent.

I currently accept payment via Paypal at:
customerservice @


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have 3 that I've accumulated over the years b/c I have a bad back- (plus they provide an instant fix for any kid booboos straight out of the freezer!), but my favorite one has velcro straps so that I can use it on my lumbar region. It's pretty old and abused though- if you could do such a thing, I'd buy a couple. You know, w/ all your spare time! ;) You can PM me on IS/ user poplife. :)

Sprocket said...

Anony @ 10:48,

I'm not a member of IS message board.

If you would like a custom hot/cold pack with velcro® email me and we can work something out in the fabric of your choice.

Anonymous said...

I just received a goodie pkg from the wonderful Besty Ross! Let me tell you about these WONDERFUL hot/cold packs! They really are the very best I've ever used (and I've used A LOT of hot/cold packs over the years!) From now on, I will only use Betsy Ross's hot/cold packs. Not only are they very pretty to look at (great feeling fabrics and colorful... unlike the ugly green or dark blue terry cloth or mystery synthetic fabric ones you buy from the drug or department store) these packs feel absolutely soft and wonderful. They really hold the temperature for a good long period of time too. Oh! And did I mention? Again unlike the hard and uncomfortable packs you buy from the drug/department store, Betsy's hot/cold packs mold perfectly to your body; they're so soft! And they smell absolutely delightful! She adds the perfect mixture of wonderful scents that really soothe the body and soul. I suffer from chronic sinus issues and the scent (along with the heat) of these packs really help me breath easier. I just can't say enough positive things about them. I'm hooked - forever! I have the large hot/cold pack on my back as I'm typing this..and feels so good and comforting. My friends and family are going to find these under their Christmas trees this year!
Kitty M.

Ginger said...

Originally, I ordered the hot/cold packs from Betsy and when I received them, I had to place a second order! They are beautiful. I ordered them for Christmas presents for co-workers and now have ordered a second batch. I love the smell of them and they are very pretty and well made. I'm telling everyone about this website.

Thanks Betsy!

PS. Thanks for all of the "extras" included in each order. Love them!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if you're still doing the hot/cold packs...I'm noticing most of this is from the end of 2008...are the sales still going on?..maybe I've missed some info somewhere here?...anywhoooo, I bought two of the packs from you, 3 yrs ago, or so, & LOVED them!... I'd like to order some more in the very near future :>)

it's probably as simple as hitting the "buy/order" button, huh? lol

anyway, I caught you on a radio show about the Spector sentencing & remembered the hot/cold packs I purchased in the past, lol...they really are great!


Sprocket said...

Hi Close, all you have to do to place an order is email me. My email addy is on my profile page, here:

CaliGirl9 said...

Take it from a person with a 20+year history of low back pain—Betsy's hot/cold pack is the best you can get!
The cold you get isn't as jarring, and the heat generated is gentle and won't burn your skin. The pack itself is mobile enough that you can actually lie on your back and not be uncomfortable in the least.
I am on my way to lying on the floor with one in place (having a bad back day) and I know I'll be as comfortable as I can be while my back is acting like a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale.
I also have a small wrist-sized one that I use as a cold pack when I am doing heavy-duty typing.
Consider these things an investment—and don't even think about buying the crappy ones that are at those mall kiosks! There IS a HUGE difference in quality, trust me!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention that I have a Betsy Hot/Cold pack that is the most wonderful thing ever. I used "Corn Bags" alot because the produce "moist heat" for my Fibromyalgia. When I got my Hot/Cold pack, I was sure it wouldn't work. It was BETTER. Not only is it not as bulky as a Corn Bag, but the heat is evenly distributed (Thanks to the ingenious design) and it SMELLS wonderful. I won't ever give mine up. As a matter of fact, I may need a new one soon!!! Thanks - Anneliese (NY)