Saturday, September 5, 2009

Child's Wheelchair Bag: Prototype

This is a first of it's kind, prototype, wheelchair bag using cotton fabric 454 Faries bonded to heavy canvas. I've never made a bag for a wheelchair from photos before, or this large. I've always had the chair available to fit the bag to the chair. The bag is a gift for a young girl with Rett Syndrome and her chair has a high back and head rest. (The wine bottle is used to show the scale of the bag.)

The bag is based on the "Market Line" where cotton is hand glued to a canvas base. Inside, there is a cotton liner with two pockets. On the outside is pattern-matched overlay pocket. The bag will hang from the handles of the chair via 1.5" split rings. It has two magnetic snap closures at the top.

Originally, I had not planned to make the vertical pin-tucks on the corners but I wanted to make sure the bag hung between the various bolts and turn wheels. As you can see, the overlay pocket is about 1/8th of an inch too wide for the pin tucks causing the front line of the bag on the lower left to be out of alignment.

See updated entry HERE with the bag hanging on the chair.

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Beth said...

This bag was made for my little girl. I measured the chair and gave Betsy the measurements and she made this fabulous bag a perfect fit for a wheelchair she had only seen in pictures. It's gorgeous. It's nice and deep with inside pockets and one on the outside. And it's so pretty! I am very pleased with how it turned out. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Betsy. I've sent pics to your email. Hugs, Beth & Kayla