Monday, September 21, 2009

My Bag Loving Cat

Many of you have asked how Sprockey is doing since his radiation treatment for feline hyperthyroid. So far so good! His appetite has returned to normal and he's no longer getting into the trash or getting up on counters in search of food. His coat is slowing coming back to the luster it used to have. And most blessed of all, he's stopped his constant cries. He's back to sleeping on my office desk throughout the day.

The only thing that is still a problem is his weight-loss. Most of his adult life, Sprocket weighed over 16 pounds. Last time we weighed him he weighed less than 12. We're still working on trying to get him to eat a bit more by spoiling him with unsalted canned tuna and cooked turkey.

Last Thursday I received a beautiful, over-sized beaded box as a surprise gift. The gift came in a very nice textured gift bag. Sprockey LOVED the gift bag, proving again that he is and always will be a "Bag Cat."

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CaliGirl9 said...

Does he like the Gerber baby meats? I try to get a can a day down Scottie, his weight is okay but his vet said he could use another pound as he's a FHV+ kitty. Scottie hates canned food of any type, but he's been into the Gerber meats (which is where his daily lysine goes). He enjoys taking it from a spoon.
Remember, no onions or garlic for Sprockey—they can cause a Heniz body anemia, especially in a senior citizen. His fur is looking lots better though!