Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making Wheelchair Bags

As I've previously written, I have a girlfriend, Julienne who I've made wheelchair bags for over the years. I finished this bag over a month ago and realized today that I never posted it here on the sewing blog. This is the second wheelchair bag I made for my friend Julienne. It is exactly like the first bag in a different print that she selected. If you click on the photo, you will see that in the center of the flower is an overlay pocket on top of a larger pocket.

This next bag was made for her husband Dan's wheelchair. He likes a shorter bag, and since his chair is wider it's a totally different shape.

Here are some images that detail the construction of these wheelchair bags.

Here is the beginning of the placement of the water bottle carrier on the bags. The overlay pockets have already been created but they have not been sewn on yet.

Closeup of Dan's overlay pockets.

In this photo, I'm sewing the straps on the bottom of the water bottle carriers. The placement of the straps and getting them just right so the bottle doesn't fall through the bottom is very time consuming.

Here, you can see how much sewing goes into attaching the straps to ensure they will take the weight and daily wear and tear use.

A closer photo of the attachment of the straps.

Here I am sewing the one strap that goes from side-to-side on the bottle carrier.

Here, the water bottle carrier is attached and then the overlay pocket has been sewn in over the left side edge of the bottle carrier.

Same step with Dan's bag.

The next steps are very easy sewing the back side to the front side and turning the bag right side out.

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