Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Receiving Blankets: Panne & Polar Fleece

How do you photograph a baby blanket to show how soft and luxurious it is? I've never found a good way to showcase blankets. Today, I'm putting my fleece and panne baby receiving blankets on sale today through November 15th.

These blankets are made with soft polar fleece on one side and shimmering, soft panne on the other. I have a variety of colors to choose from. Rose, Baby Yellow, Pale Lavender, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Olive Green. The sizes vary slightly, depending on the width size of the panne I was able to get in downtown LA. They range from 28"x34" to 28"x35". The blankets are 100% machine washable.

These blankets are regularly $27.00 + shipping. They are on sale now for only $18.00 = $4.00 shipping. Purchase two or more and shipping is free!

I have more baby blankets coming up for sale in the next few days. Patchwork flannel baby throws, one-of-a-kind flannels and fleece and flannel receiving blankets, so look for these sales soon. I accept Paypal, money orders and personal checks.

To order, contact me at: sprocket.trials AT

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