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THIS SALE ENDED 12/31/2009

More Panne Colors Available! Scroll to end of the entry for photos.
Request up to four swatch samples for free!

Fleece & Panne Throw Blankets on my living room chair.

After almost a two week marathon of cutting, pinning and sewing, my best blanket is finally on sale! Ivory Polar Fleece on one side, soft and silky panne on the other side.

Here's how I make a fleece and panne (or flannel) blanket.
(If you are not interested in reading just scroll past to the PANNE BLANKET SALE.)

Most of you know that I don't have a usable sewing room at the moment, so my massage table does double-duty as a cutting surface. I place a 4'x6' very smooth piece of very thin, luan plywood (often used in making doll houses) on top of my massage table. The nice thing about this wood is that even though it's large, its quite lightweight and easy to handle. With pencil, I've marked grid lines on each end of the wood.

Here you can see where my large roll of fleece is on the floor and stretched up over the wood. A color of panne is on top of the fleece and my long cutting ruler tool is on top, with weights ready for my rotary cutter.

Below you can see where both sides of the blanket-to-be have been cut and it's been pinned all the way around the edges.

Then I begin the first of three sews around the blanket. The pins have to be removed as I move forward.

The next sew is using my serger (overlock) machine around the edges.

The next step is turning the blanket right side out through a 6" opening at one end.

The final step is the last sew around the entire edge of blanket to give the edge a nice finish and to seal up the opening used to turn the blanket right side out.


This blanket is my most popular and luxurious blanket. Comfy anti-pill polar fleece on one side, silky soft panne on the other. This sale is effective through December 31st, 2009.

All Fleece & Panne throw blankets (45" x 59-61") regularly $45.00 are now only $39.00!

And best of all, shipping is free (48 states) on all panne throw blankets if you order before December 15th, 2009
. E-mail me for shipping costs to CANADA, Hawaii and Alaska.

Customize your blankie!

You can add a second layer of fleece to your throw blanket for only $10.00!

I accept Paypal, personal checks and money orders.

E-mail me at: sprocket.trials AT if you are interested in ordering.
Order early to ensure delivery by the Holidays!

Solid Panne Colors Available

Colors left to right:
Gun Metal, Deep Red, Hot Pink, Rose, Peach, Gold, Bright Yellow,
Baby Yellow, Forest Green 1, Forest Green 2.

Colors left to right:
Olive Green, Baby Green, Navy, Midnight Blue, Seafoam,
Blue, Purple, Lavender, Baby Lilac, White, Black

Animal Prints

This print is my most softest panne.
It feels more like stretch velvet than all the other panne's in my collection.


I wanted to take a photo of the Zebra print on my massage table
and Scout thought it was a photo op for him.

Pink & Silver Flowers

Deep Purple Panne
Sorry! SOLD OUT!

Fleece "Paw Print" & Black Panne
This is a one-of-a-kind blanket.
Sorry! SOLD OUT!

To order, please email me at: sprocket.trials AT

I accept paypal, (customerservice AT checks and money orders.

Order early to ensure delivery by the holidays!

I was rummaging around in my attic, going through my crate of scrap fabric when I realized I had some panne pieces big enough for throw blankets. Here are some more colors to choose from!

Green Tint Leopard
There is enough panne for one blanket.

Tie Dye Wine
This is a very vibrant print with many shades of colors in it.
There is enough panne for one blanket.

Emerald Green
This is a very deep, vibrant color of green.
There is enough panne for three blankets.

Periwinkle Snakeskin
There is enough panne for one blanket.

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