Sunday, November 9, 2008


These sachets are filled entirely with a blend of lavender flower tops and peppermint leaves. They smell heavenly! If you order an Ornament Collection set with any sachet order, shipping is free! Click on the images to see a close up of the sachets.

Garden Cats Sachet Collection $10.00 (4 Sets Available)
Dogs & Bones Sachets
Complete Collection $11.00 (3 Sets Available)
4 Dogs & Bones only $8.00; Large 2 Dogs Sachet only $5.00

Christmas Pets Sachets
Complete Collection $8.00 (5 sets Available)
Christmas Dogs only Sachets $6.00; Christmas Cats only Sachets $3.00

Dog Pack $4.50 (2 Available)

Special Cats (2 each Available)
Branch Cat $3.75 (2 Available); Tail Wave Cat $3.75 (1 Available)
Crouching Cat $3.75 (1 Available); Two Cats $3.75 (SOLD OUT)

Special Cats (one-of-a-kind each)
Ledge Cat $3.75 (1 Available) Log Cat $3.75 (1 Available)
Fat CAt $3.75 (1 Available)

Kitty & Doggie Hearts (4 of each, Available)
Small Kitty Heart $3.50; Large Kitty Heart $5.00
Small Doggie Heart $3.50; Large Doggie Heart $5.00

To purchase, email me @: sprocket.trials @

I accept PAYPAL @: customerservice @


Marilyn said...


The doggie and kittie ornament/gift topper sets are adorable.

The mixed selection is varied and useful for many purposes.

All smell and look great!!

Thanks, Betsy!


Christine said...

I got three cats for a young cat lover. She will love them. These are really BEAUTIFUL, much prettier than the pictures, and make great gifts. Thank you, Betsy!

LinZbee said...

Hi Betsy ~
I received all your absolutely BEAUTIFUL sachets (Garden Cats Collection) and ornaments (Holiday Ornaments/Package Toppers Collection) and I just LOVE them!!!!!!! They are made with excellence and packed and presented so nicely - and they smell heavenly! I can't wait to add the ornaments to my Christmas gifts - as special wrapping decorations. I'm going to give the sachets to close friends and relatives, individually wrapped as special little gifts.
Thanks so much!
~ Lindsey