Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture Update

While I was in court yesterday, Mr. Sprocket had another follow-up visit with his surgeon. It looks like he is going to approve physical therapy sooner than the December 18th date. The surgeon told Mr. Sprocket that if things go well, he "might" be able to go back to work by the first of the year. This is exceptionally good news for us.

When Mr. Sprocket's son was here, he did all the work of putting the HVAC package unit on the roof back together while Mr. Sprocket supervised. Now that it's back together, Mr. Sprocket is working on wiring up a slew of different operating controls for the economizer. That doesn't involve any lifting of weight, just attaching the right wire to the relay in the attic and then to the control panel or thermostat on the wall.

All that wiring involves a lot of rotation of his forearm at the elbow joint, (pronation and supination). It's been painful at times, which is why this is taking such a long time. He will work on wiring the control panel a day, then rest his arm a few days.

The thermostat is a top of the line Honeywell model, that lets you do all kinds of programming. The personally designed extra control panel that Mr. Sprocket installed just below it, looks like it came from part of cockpit control board. Switches and timers and lights that go on or off, depending. He even installed sensors to determine if the outside air temperature is lower than the inside air. When that happens, the economizer will automatically open and the house can be cooled with the outside air. I can not wait until everything is finished and working and the control panel mounted on the wall.

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