Friday, December 17, 2010

Slow Progress on Cosmetic Bags

Asian Silk, Tapestry & Upholstery Cosmetic Bags

You can see from the photo that I have six different Asian Silks and four tapestry fabrics ready to be sewn into my signature line cosmetic bags. I've been so busy with real life responsibilities, (helping with my husband's business) that I haven't made much progress on finishing them. Another problem that delayed the project were the zippers. They finally arrived yesterday.

On Tuesday, I took a break from sewing and attended a hearing in the Phil Spector civil suit against his former attorney, Robert Shapiro. I hope to get my notes up on that hearing either later today or tomorrow on Trials & Tribulations.

On top of that, I've been trying to get some personal sewing finished so my own Christmas gifts will go out on time. I still don't know if I will get every one's present in the mail and delivered yet.

I'll take photos through the construction of the cosmetic bags and put those up in an entry when they're completed.


16paws said...

Hi Betsy, wow those cosmetic bags are gorgeous! Wanted to thank you again for the wonderful kitty mat beds, received them fast - they're the greatest, I have them on their favorite chairs & sofas throughout the house now & actually could use a couple more. Merry Christmas! love, nancy xoxo

Jesdamala said...

These fabrics are fabulous, count me in when ready!