Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Kitty & Doggie Mat Beds Sale!

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The introduction of my Kitty Mat Beds was a big success last year, so I've put them on sale again this year. The Mat Beds are made from three layers of fleece and one layer of flannel print. Your pet (as well as your furniture) will appreciate these machine washable mat beds. You can choose a flannel mat bed print from most of the prints in my Flannel Collection. Flannel prints with the designation "BO" are for throw blankets only.

Regularly, my (16" x 19") kitty mat beds sell for $14.00 each. Today, they are now on sale for only $10.50! That's 25% off the regular price, and shipping is free! The medium-size mat bed (19" x 24") regularly sells for $19.00. Today, they are on sale for only $14.50 with free shipping!

This Sale Ends January 31st, 2011.

Kitty Mat Beds

I Love My Cat Mat Bed
(1 available: approx. 16" x 19" $10.50)

Kitties Chasing Mice
(Sorry! SOLD OUT!)

Blue Cats
(Sorry! SOLD OUT!)

Napping Cats on Blue
(3 available: approx. 16" x 19" $10.50)

606 Kitty & Moon
(several available: approx. 16" x 19" $10.50)

610 Stripe #1
(several available: approx. 16" x 19" $10.50)

615 Kitties, Bugs, Butterflies on Blue
(several available: approx 16" x 19" $10.50)


In my last entry on new fabrics, I mentioned picking up this cute gray and orange kitty fleece print. I made a throw blanket, matching neck scarf and the two kitty mat beds below. These beds are three layers of fleece, no flannel and are a little larger than the standard size Kitty Mat Bed. These beds would be big enough for two medium sized kitties who like to nap together.

Gray & Orange Kitties

Doggie Mat Beds

Since doggies come in a variety of sizes, it's difficult to make a mat bed that would work for every dog. My medium-sized mat bed (19"x 24") will work for many small dogs. Larger sizes are by special order. E-mail me your needs and I will quote you a price. Shipping on all mat beds during the sale is free.

631 Dog Days
(several available: approx. 19" x 24" $14.50)

640 Pink Dog Bones
(several available: (approx 19" x 24" $14.50)

Kitty Mat Beds (16" x 19") $10.50
Medium Mat Beds (19" x 24") $14.50

E-Mail me at:
sprocket.trials "AT" gmail.com
Please give me an address
so I can calculate a shipping price.
California orders are charged sales tax.

I accept personal checks,
money orders and Paypal at:
customerservice "AT" betsyrosslinens.com
I accept credit cards through Paypal Checkout.

Shipping is free on all Mat Bed orders.

JANUARY 31st, 2011.

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nancy said...

Hi, Betsy - thank you so much for my latest sets of kitty mat beds, the lovely tea napkins and handmade sachets! I swear I couldn’t live without the kitty mat beds, they’re so beautifully made & perfect for keeping fur off the furniture - when company comes over I just whip off the mat beds & no fur to worry about. Plus the kitties love them too, they won’t get on their favorite nap spots until their kitty mat beds are out of the wash! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Sprocket!