Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Days on Free Shipping for Throw Blankets!

These are the last days to receive free shipping on blankets.

Athough the Flannel Throws and Baby Blankets are on sale through January 2010 and the Panne Throw Blankets are on sale through December 31st, the free shipping option ends on Tuesday, December 15th. Order your blankets before December 16th to receive free shipping.

Tomorrow, December 13th, is the last day to get a free muslin liner with a Market Bag order.


Barry said...


THANK YOU so much for the absolutely beautiful, made to order fleece blankets! I couldn't be happier! They are surprise gifts for my children and wife for chilly nights during family reading or movie night. I cannot wait to give them their special blankies!

I appreciate your attention to detail and your willingness to make each to my specifications. I am sure I will be ordering more!

Barry1776 said...


E.J., Zack and Mindy LOVE LOVE LOVE their blankies! They were so thrilled - I will send you a pic soon so you can see how great they look on the kids!!!!