Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chenille Totes & Large Purses: Part I

What are these you might ask? Well, this is my next big project I'm tackling. It's the beginning forms of 7 large purses and 19 totes in 17 different chenille, suede and upholstery fabrics.

I had cut out these pieces about four years ago or more. And then I got sidetracked with the home improvement project and they got put in a box, almost forgotten. My goal over the next few months will be to finish these bags and put them up on the web site and sewing blog.

Here are some pictures of a few of the fabrics that are coming.

This is an exceptionally rich textured chenille upholstery fabric. I've made about four totes out of this fabric over the years and this will be the last one. Ten years ago I was willing to spend $60.00 on a yard of upholstery chenille if the design caught my eye like this one did. This bag will be one of a kind with black upholstery velvet straps.

India Gold

This has been a favorite upholstery chenille fabric of mine for years. It is an in-stock fabric. I have about 5 yards of it left and have made several different items out of it: handbags, totes, wall hangings, table runners and placemats. I still have my own oversized tote made out of it. It is a somewhat stiff, low nap chenille.

Chenille Asian Calligraphy

This fabric was very difficult to photograph. It's light to medium weight chenille upholstery. It's a deep dark green with an interesting swirl of red and light gold woven design. The design is harder to see than what you see in the image. I've got about a yard and a half left and this will be the first large purse and tote made out of this fabric.

Inspiration Green/Red

As I progress on getting these bags made, I will put up more images of the fabrics.

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