Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Doggie Mat Beds Are Coming!

 Limited Edition Doggie Mat Beds
Doggie Mat Beds are coming!

Years ago I started making Kitty Mat Beds for my own kitties. They measure 16" x 19" and are made with three layers of fleece and a fun flannel print.

For the first time, I'm trying a few different sizes of Mat Beds for dogs. Unlike cats, dogs come in a myriad of sizes so it's hard to determine what sizes people might be interested in.

 I have five different sizes of Doggie Mat Beds available, most made with the the scrap ends of fleece I've had for some time. These beds are made from three layers of fleece and are 100% machine washable. Great for protecting your furniture from pet hair and scratching.

They are not quite finished. I still need to sew labels on them and then post the listing on Etsy.

The Paws on Brown is 28" x 33" two available
Paws on Red 23"x 24" two available
Horses 21" x 24.5" two available
Blk & White Geometric 20" x 23" two available

Doggies on Flannel 16" x 19" one available; more coming
(Three layers of fleece; one layer of flannel print.)

These limited edition Doggie Mat Beds will be available at my Etsy store soon!

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