Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out On A Limb


Kinda says it all doesn't it? A freak wind came through yesterday afternoon and I didn't even hear the limb snap. Just stepped outside and saw all this foliage where it shouldn't be. We may wait until the gardener comes on Tuesday and have him break it up, or I just might wait until the sun goes down ~it's been blistering hot in the SFV with temps topping 100 in several areas~ and take Mr. Sprocket's saws-all and cut the sucker up myself.

Mr. Sprocket has been down for the count for the last three weeks with a severe sprain/strain to his right arm and can't even lift 10 pounds, which is why I'm considering tackling the job. We were lucky that it didn't puncture the garage or snap any power lines.

The limb span of our favorite tree passes the property line of our neighbors on either side of us by a good ten feet each direction. As much as I don't want to trim this tree back, it's long over due. Time to find an arborist since I would hate to have it butchered.

Unfortunately, sewing and blogging has taken a back seat since I've been swamped with RL responsibilities. I have been able to attend a few pretrial hearings that I haven't had time to write about on the main blog, but plan to as soon as I get caught up. After that, it will be Market Bag Madness, Redeux, where I will be posting some images again, so please look for them in the near future.

Update: 7:24 pm
Wouldn't you know, just when I need to use one of the gazillion tools Mr. Sprocket has ~and he really does have every tool imaginable~ he's left them over at a friend's house. Both the saws-all AND the good manual saw. What a pisser.

When you need something done, best do it yourself. So I used the old worn out hand saw and went to town on that limb. Here it is all under the tree. You can see the base of the big limb where it broke off, in front of the brush pile.

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