Thursday, January 2, 2020

Market Line Bag Madness ... continues

 Partially finished Market Line Bags

I started a series of 26 Market Line Bags in the spring of 2017. Not long after that my life blew up and my sewing business was somewhat on hold.

Two-and-a-half years later, I am starting the process of finishing these bags.

I hope to finish the majority of these bags before I take my state exam in my new career in February.
I'm starting with about 10 bags that already had hardware installed and labels sewn in. One bag had the liner sewn in and today I finished the straps and sewed them in. You can see that bag in the top photo, the red poppy bag on the right.

Pressing out wrinkles on a bag

The first step with these bags is re-pressing the bags. This is to remove wrinkles and reactivate the glue that holds the cotton print to the canvas base. Some fabric separation occurred from long storage.

Some of the bags already had the straps cut out and I will finish those first. Then it will be finding the fabric scraps that match the other bags, cutting out straps and serging/overlocking the edges.
Next will be deciding on the liner color for the bags.

The floral dragons on red bag and the Laurel Burch dancing horses will get silver liners. The CALAVERAS bag will get a blood red liner. The gray bag will get a pink or red liner. The kitty bag will get a white or brown liner. I haven't decided on a liner for the teal batik bag or the green and brown frond bag.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Red Poppy Market Purse

This is the third bag made in this print and one more is coming planned.

 I could not get the green liner to photograph well in the available light I have. The color does go well with the bag print.


Joe B said...

What is your new career

Joe B said...

What's your new career going to be, we haven't heard from you in a long time. Are you ok?